SPE-GCS Events

You found 4489 events starting before January 23rd, 2022.
Date Title Type Speakers Group
3 Dec 2020 HSE&S Webinar: Guidance to improve the effectiveness of process safety management systems in operating facilities.   Luncheons and Webinars Dr. Stewart Behie, Interim Director, Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A&M University Health Safety & Environment
3 Dec 2020 Webinar SPE GCS Drilling Study Group/AADE Joint Meeting   Luncheons and Webinars Richard Spears Drilling
21 Nov 2020 Volunteering at SVDP Society Food Fair   Social/ Networking Young Professionals
19 Nov 2020 Data Analytics as a key to digital transformation: Case Studies from the Energy Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Shane J. Prochnow, Prashant Mehrotra Data Analytics
19 Nov 2020 SPE-GCS Monthly Board of Directors Meeting   Internal Board of Directors
18 Nov 2020 BD Webinar: What’s next? Hottake Musings with David Ramsden-Wood   Luncheons and Webinars David Ramsden-Wood Business Development
18 Nov 2020 Westside WEBINAR: Practical Design Considerations for Stage Length, Perforation Clusters and Limited Entry Pressure Intensities   Luncheons and Webinars Paul Huckabee, Principal Wells Engineer and Completions Engineering Advisor, Shell Westside
13 Nov 2020 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #52 co-hosted with AAPG   Luncheons and Webinars Speaker #1 Name:  Dante Crosa, Speaker #2 Name: Lori Harrington Members in Transition
12 Nov 2020 WEBINAR: The Texas Railroad Commission Today by RRC Commissioner Cristi Craddick   Luncheons and Webinars Christi Craddick, Commissioner, Texas Railroad Commission General Meeting
12 Nov 2020 Digitization, Collaboration and Flexibility in a Dynamic Future   Luncheons and Webinars Ben Sellers Reservoir
12 Nov 2020 Coiled Tubing Operations & Advancements   Training Carlos Torres Continuing Education
11 Nov 2020 SPE YP Membership Event - Entrepreneurship in Oil and Gas   Luncheons and Webinars Mark Bahorich - Co-GM Enverus - Founder Q-Engineering, Mike Party - Emerging Technology Specialist at Hess Corporation Young Professionals
11 Nov 2020 Digitizing Wellbore with Permanent Reservoir Monitoring and Flow Control : Is there a value?   Luncheons and Webinars Varma Gottumukkala Completions & Production
10 Nov 2020 Northside WEBINAR: The Rebuilding of the American Oilfield   Luncheons and Webinars Richard Spears - Spears & Associates Northside
10 Nov 2020 How New Technology Can Create Significant Cost Savings for the Repair of Downhole Tools   Luncheons and Webinars Austin Wells Research & Development
10 Nov 2020 A Multi-company Perspective on Delivering Digital Transformation Projects and the Business Impact   Luncheons and Webinars Aurelien Guichard, Laurent Pagnon, Hani Elshahawi Digital Transformation
6 Nov 2020 20th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament and Annual Food Frenzy Competition   Social/ Networking Sporting Events
5 Nov 2020 PIPESIM in DELFI Introduction Workshop: Students & MIT Only   Training Kamilia Putri Young Professionals
5 Nov 2020 Permian: Detecting Induced Fractures Using Drilling Data to Gain Insights Into Unconventional Fracture Growth   Luncheons and Webinars Kevin Wutherich Permian Basin
4 Nov 2020 SPE YP General Meeting   Internal Young Professionals
29 Oct 2020 YP Membership Webinar - Your Energy Career During Challenging Times   Luncheons and Webinars Susan Rosenbaum, Hudson Chen Young Professionals
29 Oct 2020 Automating Bit Dull Grading: Technology, implementation & advantages   Luncheons and Webinars Rana Ahmad, Founder & Machine Learning Engineer at Dark Cirrus Drilling
28 Oct 2020 YP Networking-NexTier 8th Wonder Brewery   Social/ Networking Young Professionals
22 Oct 2020 Delivering Real Value with Data Analytics: Case Studies from the Energy Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Ted Furlong, Justin Hayes Data Analytics
22 Oct 2020 CO2 Foam Pilot in a West Texas Field: Design, Operation and Results   Luncheons and Webinars Deepanshu Kumar Reservoir