The Communications Committee is committed to gathering, publishing and distributing SPE Gulf Coast Section information on events and news in an efficient and effective manner using Connect, social media and other forms of media that appeals to members and advertisers. 

SPE-GCS Communications Committee oversees the Connect Newsletter, SPE-GCS podcast, online newsletter, website, and social media, and general section-wide publicity. 

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Volunteer with SPE-GCS

The Communications Committee has the following positions open: 

  • Podcast Host
    • Host the SPE-GCS podcast
    • Work with the SPE-GCS podcast team to prepare each episode's materials (i.e., research topic and interview questions, speakers, sponsors) - energy industry-related topic
    • Coordinate with the SPE-GCS podcast team on upcoming guests' schedule
    • Lead the SPE-GCS podcast team to create an engaging show/ program for the podcast audience
    • Interview speaker on energy industry-related topic
    • Identify and edit any stutters or mistakes in speech during/ after the interview
    • Review and edit the final version of each episode with the SPE-GCS production team. Good knowledge of audio editing is preferred.
    • Review audience feedback and podcast performance iteratively to improve future content
  • Speakers Coordinator
    • Identify and recruit energy-industry-related podcast guests per production and podcast host recommendations
    • Key point of contact for podcast guests
    • Coordinate with guests to obtain clearance/ approval of interview content from the guest speaker's company
    • Coordinate with guests on the podcast recording schedule and any expected delay in publishing in case company approval is required
  • Production
    • Lead development (researching and scriptwriting) of potential energy-industry-related podcast topics and content with the guest and host
    • Develop and maintain the podcast schedule
    • Lead recording and editing efforts and troubleshooting to ensure recording sessions run smoothly. Good knowledge of audio-editing highly preferred.
    • Guide the host and guest to ensure effective and worthwhile content.
    • Work with the SPE-GCS communications team to upload content, artwork, and draft accompanying marketing blurbs
    • Keeping up to date with industry news and development
    • Review audience feedback and podcast performance iteratively to improve future content

Contact admin@spegcs.org to learn more and the communications team will be in touch with you for more details.



2023-2024 SPE-GCS Communications Team

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Position Name Phone Email
Chair Debora Martogi Simanjuntak None demsimanjuntak@gmail.com
Vice Chair Thomas Shattuck None TWShattuck@gmail.com
Website Lindsey Newsome None webmaster@spegcs.org

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