Mission of the SPE-GCS Computational Fluid Dynamics Study Group is to provide a common platform for CFD practitioners in Oil & Gas industry to foster knowledge sharing and networking, facilitate discussions, education/learning/training and develop boarder consensus on best practices in the area of CFD modelling for applications including (but not limited to) Near wellbore reservoir modelling, Drilling and Completion, Flow Assurance, Process and Process Safety, Offshore and Deepwater, Refining and Petrochemicals…

Scope for CFD modelling is gaining momentum and growing rapidly in Oil & Gas industry. It is important to set proper expectations through good understanding of opportunities and challenges in CFD modeling. By raising awareness and providing a platform for industry professionals to network, this Study Group increases confidences on CFD predictions and influences sound decision making.

To address the growing interest within the SPE community, the CFD Study Group organizes knowledge‐sharing events by key industry practitioners, thought leaders, and decision makers. The target audience for these events include oil and gas executives and managers, CFD practitioners, industry professionals, and subject matter experts from operators, service companies, consultants, academia, software vendors, and government labs.



  Madhusuden Agrawal    Chair

     Kedar Deshpande        Vice Chair

       Mazdak Parsi         Treasurer



Gocha Chochua

Kuochen Tsai 

Jason Wang


Uday Godse  Min Zhang   

Program Coordinators



Annual Symposium 2023

Accelerating Energy Transition through Modelling and Simulation

April 6, 2023, SLB Q-Auditorium, 10001 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX


October 26, 2023 Erosion CFD Modelling – Industry Practices
March 31, 2022 High Fidelity Modelling Capabilities in NREL for Wind Energy
November 18, 2021 CFD Modeling for Process Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment
June 24, 2021 CFD Modeling of the Drilling, Completions, and Production Applications
April 8, 2021 Computational Modelling of Fluidized Bed Process and Its Applications
January 28, 2021 Computational Modelling of Flow Induced Vibrations (FIV) – Industry Practices
October 8, 2020 CFD Modelling for Separators – Industry Practices
July 30, 2020 Erosion CFD Modelling – Industry Practices

Luncheon Meetings:

February 13, 2020 Introduction to Energy Machine Learning Workshop, Dr. Michael Pyrcz, Univ of Texas Austin
December 5, 2019 CFD Modelling for Multiphase Flows, Prof Rodney Fox, Iowa State University (Presentation File)
September 17, 2019 Corrosion Modelling: Mechanisms, Challenges and Numerical Solutions, Dr Andy Cai, COMSOL (Presenation File)
January 25, 2019 CFD – DEM Coupling for Modeling of Fluid Flow with Accurate Particle Representation, Marcus Reis and Clovis Maliska Jr, ESSS Group.  (Presentation File)
August 21, 2018 CFD – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Alistair E. Gill, Wild Well Control
May 25, 2018 Industry Efforts to Develop CFD-Base Numerical Wave Basin, Dr. Jang Whan Kim, TechnipFMC/ Genesis Americas
March 15, 2018 CFD Simulations and Experiments in Multiphase Flow for Predicting Solid Particle Erosion: Challenges and Success Stories, Prof Siamack A. Shirazi, Univ of Tulsa
January 23, 2018 Multiphase flow models for Processes Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities, Prof Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, LSU (Presentation File)

Future Events:

January 2024 Luncheon (hybrid): TBD
April 2024 Annual Symposium: TBD
July 2024 Luncheon (hybrid): TBD
October 2024 Luncheon (hybrid): TBD

Annual Symposium 2019:

Digital Solutions for Fluid Flow Problems in Oil & Gas Industry

April 11, 2019, Chevron Auditorium, 1500 Louisiana St, Houston

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Position Name Phone Email
Chair Madhusuden Agrawal 281-661-9228
Vice Chair Kedar Desphande 785-304-0571
Treasurer Mazdak Parsi 346-223-3000
Program Coordinator Gocha Chochua 281-285-3779
Program Coordinator Uday Godse 512-934-3552
Program Coordinator Kuochen Tsai 281-658-9176


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