Welcome to the SPE Spring 2022 Energy Professionals Hiring Event!

This industry recognized event provides your company an excellent platform to meet and engage with a diverse and experienced assembly of energy professionals, discuss career opportunites, and network. 

Hundreds of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the energy industry, who are members of professional organizations, attend our virtual event. 

This hybrid event will be sure to provide opportunities for your regional, national, and international talent organazations. The main event will be on April 26, 2022 at the Steve Radack center from 9 am to 4 pm with the virtual component hosted by Texas Workfoirce Solutions.  (Details to follow)  It is anticipated to have the virtual platform open on or shortly before the date of the in person event.  

The virtual booth features company logos, banners, job postings, chat rooms, links, videos, and much more.


22 APR 2022 - Virtual Platform Opens (Build the virtual booth, passively engage)

26 APR 2022 - Main Event - Active VIrtual Job Fair - 0900 - 1500 CDT

27 APR 2022 - Platform remains open for passive engagement and follow-up.


General Guidance

Participating compamies are expected to have:

  • Business engagement in the greater Houston area, or looking for talent from the greater Houston area.
  • Open positions (contract and/or full-time) available at the time of the Hiring Event or in the near future.
  • Open positions in the areas and/or disciplines of the Collaborating Organizations and transferable skills of engergy professionals.

Registration Information


This event is a great choice for local and global talent aquisition programs, The virtual option means that there is no need to be in the Houston region to participate, but still have access to the Houston talent pool.


Networking Suites

Participating companies are also invited to host a virtual Networking Suite at the event. The Networking Suites provide space for event attendees to engage with other job seekers, companies, and Collaborating Organizations about industry disciplines, emerging trends, and pressing issues. By leading one of the three-hour networking suites, your company gains additional promotion and engagement leading up to and during the event. Networking Suite opportunities are limited and assigned on a, "First Come," basis. 

(There may be opportunity for sponsoring Networking Suites for the in-person event as well, stay tuned for more information)