SPE-GCS Events

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Date Title Type Speakers Group
24 Sep 2020 Data Analytics Career Pathways in an Evolving Energy Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Susan Nash, Sathish Sankaran, Liz Percak Dennett Data Analytics
30 Sep 2020 Own Your Journey in 2020 and Beyond: From Starting A Career to Becoming A Future Leader   Luncheons and Webinars Hugh Connett, Vice President, Gas Supply and Trading, Chevron Corporation Young Professionals
1 Oct 2020 Permian Basin: Marathon Oil - Leadership through Adversity   Luncheons and Webinars Michael Lattibeaudiere, Marathon VP Permian Assets Permian Basin
8 Oct 2020 Webinar: CFD Modelling for Separators – Industry Practices   Luncheons and Webinars Peggy Lane, BP, Sander van Woudenberg, TFMC, Henri Witteveen, Kranji Solutions, Lanre Oshinowo, Saudi Aramco, Tim Newton, NOV, Christian Chauvet, Wood, Rafiqul Khan, Schlumberger Computational Fluid Dynamics
8 Oct 2020 General Meeting Webinar: Congressman Dan Crenshaw   Luncheons and Webinars Representative Dan Crenshaw General Meeting
8 Oct 2020 HSE&S Webinar: Insights of Security Management in Oil and Gas Operations.   Luncheons and Webinars Frank Munoz Health Safety & Environment
14 Oct 2020 SPE Distinguished Lecturer: Fracture Model Calibration for Conventional and Unconventional Rocks   Luncheons and Webinars Leen Weijers Completions & Production
16 Oct 2020 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #51 co-hosted with AAPG   Luncheons and Webinars Speaker #1: Dianne Reece, Speaker #2: Josh Etkind, Speaker #3: Flora Moon, Speaker #4: Kim Denney Members in Transition
20 Oct 2020 Northside WEBINAR: Freshwater Neutral - Managing Water Use and Giving Back to the Environment   Luncheons and Webinars Karen Olson (2018-2019 SPE Distinguished Lecturer) Northside
21 Oct 2020 Westside WEBINAR: Multidisciplinary Data Gathering to Evaluate eXtreme Limited Entry Completion Design and Improve Perforation Cluster Efficiency   Luncheons and Webinars Apiwat (Ohm) Lorwongngam, Completion Engineering Advisor, Hess Westside
21 Oct 2020 BD WEBINAR: Current Innovations in US Natural Gas Development   Luncheons and Webinars Alan Smith, Tim Parker, Brian A. Wilbanks Business Development
22 Oct 2020 Reservoir Study Group Luncheon - TBD   Luncheons and Webinars Reservoir
22 Oct 2020 Delivering Real Value with Data Analytics: Case Studies from the Energy Industry   Luncheons and Webinars Data Analytics
29 Oct 2020 Automating Bit Dull Grading: Technology, implementation & advantages   Luncheons and Webinars Rana Ahmad Drilling
29 Oct 2020 YP Membership Webinar - Your Energy Career During Challenging Times   Luncheons and Webinars Susan Rosenbaum, Hudson Chen Young Professionals
5 Nov 2020 Permian Basin Monthly Webinar Placeholder   Luncheons and Webinars Permian Basin
10 Nov 2020 Northside WEBINAR: Industry Overview   Luncheons and Webinars Richard Spears - Spears & Associates Northside
11 Nov 2020 Digitizing Wellbore with Permanent Reservoir Monitoring and Flow Control : Is there a value?   Luncheons and Webinars Varma Gottumukkala Completions & Production
11 Nov 2020 SPE YP Membership Event   Luncheons and Webinars Mark Bahorich Young Professionals
12 Nov 2020 Reservoir Study Group Luncheon - TBD   Luncheons and Webinars Reservoir
13 Nov 2020 WEBINAR: Members in Transition Seminar #52 co-hosted with AAPG   Luncheons and Webinars Members in Transition
17 Nov 2020 Innovate Webinar Series: A Deep Dive into ESG   Luncheons and Webinars Innovate
18 Nov 2020 Westside WEBINAR: TBA   Luncheons and Webinars TBA Westside
19 Nov 2020 HSE&S Webinar: Environmental & Social Governance   Luncheons and Webinars Amy Mifflin, Motiva Health Safety & Environment
3 Dec 2020 HSE&S Webinar: Improving process safety management system effectiveness in operating facilities   Luncheons and Webinars Dr. Stewart Behie, Asst. Director, Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A&M University Health Safety & Environment