Sustainable PEOPLE Energy

SPE Gulf Coast Section - Members in Transition committee presents the Event Industry Panel discussion.

In an ever-changing approach to manage energy resources, increase the efficiency of existing energy systems and reduce their carbon footprint, we are gathering a panel of experts who will share their expertise about CCS, geothermal energy, hydrogen technologies, and other renewables and what role they play in the energy transition. While leveraging the expertise from each of these different forms of energy, we can move towards decarbonizing the grid and, in the process, provide new job opportunities to oil and gas professionals who will be able to adapt to the energy transition.

This event will include industry discussion and guidance for members in transition. This portion of the event is scheduled for April 22nd, 2022, time 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CDT).

This event will be hosted at Nex Tier Oilfield Solutions, Inc., 

 3990 Rogerdale Rd, Houston, Texas 77042

This is a great event to consider attending if you are participating in the Virtual Hiring Event. 

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Denise Cox

Denise Cox is President of Storm Energy, Ltd. where she is responsible for evaluating projects, technology, and partnerships for the company’s energy portfolio.  During her 30-year career she specialized in carbonate reservoir characterization and the application of technology to maximize recovery of reserves.  She is currently focused on technology for sustainable energy development including remediation of orphaned oil and gas wells and Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS).

Denise Cox received her B.S. with Honors from Binghamton University and M.S. from the University of Colorado.  She is an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist and licensed geologist in the state of Wyoming.  Ms. Cox is Past-President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and 2021-22 AAPG Distinguished Lecturer on Sustainable Development. She has held leadership positions in numerous geological and civic organizations where she is best known as a “connector,” for students, young professionals, and women.

Peter Vanderveen

Pete Vanderveen stepped away as head of directional operations for XTO Energy and ExxonMobil in 2020. Pete Vanderveen oversaw one of the largest global drilling projects with 58 concurrent drilling projects under his watch. During his 3-year term, he helped lead a 300% improvement in feet per day drilled and helped drive hundreds of millions in savings and efficiencies. Pete was also a key leader in helping launch and optimize ExxonMobil’s global remote center overseeing operations across North and South America. Prior to XTO/ExxonMobil, Pete has been a key player in the success and launch of numerous directional companies across North America. Pete also served as President and CEO of a Native American energy conglomerate. Pete has spent many more years as optimization specialist, directional consultant, wellsite supervisor and founder of multiple fitness and real estate companies.  Pete is now actively focused on his Segmented COO and Executive Leadership Coaching Services with dozens of clients aroud the nation.

Katie Mehnert

The modern architect of culture change in energy, Katie Mehnert is the Founder and CEO of ALLY™, the global community powering an equitable energy transition and addressing the energy workforce of the future. Katie has held global leadership roles with BP and Shell in safety and environment during periods of financial crisis, spills, divestment and globalization. Katie’s early career included consulting with Duke Energy, Entergy and Enron. Her corporate path drove her to entrepreneurship to help energy companies prepare for the looming talent shortage and workforce diversity needs to address energy poverty and climate change. In 2020 she was appointed an Ambassador to the United States Department of Energy and in 2019, she testified before Congress on the clean energy workforce of the future. She’s published in Scientific American, Forbes, The Hill, CNBC, CNN, and other international outlets. She is also the founder of Lean In Energy, a global nonprofit solely devoted to mentoring in the energy sector. Her book Grow with the Flow, Embrace Difference, Overcome Fear, and Progress with Purpose released in 2020.

Annie Shen

Annie Shen is a principal consultant with Enverus, working in the Energy Analytics division. Her expertise is in conceptualizing and implementing advanced analytics-based solutions to optimize upstream oil and gas operations. She advises and trains clients across the world on a range of topics, including drilling and completions, production modeling and forecasting, and minerals management.

Prior to joining Enverus, Annie worked at Schlumberger based in Arctic Alaska. Serving in technical, commercial, and project management roles, delivering end-to-end downhole completion and reservoir monitoring solutions and managing a cross functional safety team of 30+. She holds a bachelor’s in petroleum engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Oklahoma.

Daniel Salinas

 After bartending and managing night clubs for 10 years, Danny Salinas made the move to the Oil and Gas industry in 2012. He started working for NOV, operating equipment on rigs drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale. He worked his way up through technical sales and support working in the Barnett, Permian and Haynesville shales. His current position is that of an Account Manager, where he cultivates relationships with E&P companies and develops tailor made equipment and service packages to help them achieve the most efficient operations. Beginning in 2022, he and a longtime friend launched a media platform called that brings all events and jobs for the Upstream sector to one place. This is coupled with the Upstream Drill Down podcast where he does a quick video every Monday to outline the important events for the week so viewers can get out and “Network with a Purpose”.