SPE-GCS Events

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Date Title Type Speakers Group
26 Feb 2020 2020 A&D Symposium   Conferences/ Symposiums Jason Martinez, Managing Director & Head of U.S. A&D of BMO Capital Markets, Tanya Andrien, COO of Enverus, Andy McConn, Research Director of Enverus Business Development
4 Mar 2020 Westside: Vision 2020 - Operator Perspectives on Unconventional Reservoirs and Completions   Conferences/ Symposiums Westside
2 Apr 2020 Data Science Convention   Conferences/ Symposiums Jon Walters, VP Advanced Analytics, Controls and Digital, NOV, Jeff Potts, Cyber-Physical Systems Leader, Baker Hughes, Dariusz Piotrowski, Global AI solutions, Natural Resources, Industry Platforms, IBM, Jim Claunch,Senior Advisor, Bain & Company, Richard G. Baraniuk, Professor, Rice University, Marc Spieler, Global Director of Energy, NVIDIA, Mark W. Anderson Data Analytics
8 Apr 2020 Oil & Gas Technology Start-Up Event   Conferences/ Symposiums Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Panel discussion Innovate
16 Apr 2020 2020 SPE GCS Geomechanics Symposium   Conferences/ Symposiums Geomechanics
23 Apr 2020 Digital Transformation Annual Congress   Conferences/ Symposiums Digital Transformation
30 Apr 2020 Permian Basin Summit   Conferences/ Symposiums Permian Basin
14 May 2020 SPE Gulf Coast Section - Reservoir Study Group Sponsorship Opportunities   Conferences/ Symposiums Sponsorship Brackets Reservoir
14 May 2020 Reservoir One- Day Symposium   Conferences/ Symposiums Reservoir
15 May 2020 Reservoir Study Group - One- Day Workshop Place Holder   Conferences/ Symposiums Reservoir
21 May 2020 2020 SPE Awards and Scholarships Banquet   Conferences/ Symposiums Cindy Yeilding, Senior Vice President, BP America at BP Board of Directors
28 May 2020 2020 SPE GCS Annual Drilling Symposium   Conferences/ Symposiums Paul Pastusek, Jeff Bailey, George Sutherland, Carlos Blanc, Curtis Cheatham, Ricardo Borjas, Robello Samuel Drilling
10 - 11 Jun 2020 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit (IES) 2020   Conferences/ Symposiums Innovate
19 Jun 2020 Roughneck Camp 2020   Conferences/ Symposiums Young Professionals
19 Jun 2020 Sponsor Roughneck Camp 2020   Conferences/ Symposiums Young Professionals
20 Aug 2020 Emerging Engineers Symposium (EES)   Conferences/ Symposiums Young Professionals