Our purpose is to serve as a forum for Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists to network and disseminate the knowledge and technology needed to achieve the many objectives of Reservoir Management, including understanding risk, increasing production and reserves, and maximizing recovery.



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Position Name Phone Email
Past Chair Kiran Venepalli None
Chair Oladapo Adejare None
Past Chair Raul Esquivel None
Treasurer Joe Lynch None
Sponsorship neha bansal None
Program Coordinator Prithvi Chauhan None
Publicity Prithvi Chauhan None
Website/Webinar Abhinandan Kohli None
Executive Advisor Jose Villa None
Executive Advisor Alexsandra Martinez None
Executive Advisor Barclay Macaul None
Executive Advisor Rafael Barroeta None
Sponsorship Semaa Alessa None


  • SPEGCS-ReservoirTechnologySymposium042618-145
  • SPEGCS-ReservoirTechnologySymposium042618-172
  • May 19 2016 - RTF - 95
  • SPEGCS-ReservoirTechnologySymposium042618-40
  • SPEGCS-ReservoirTechnologySymposium042618-110
  • SPEGCS-ReservoirTechnologySymposium042618-258