The SPE-GCS Education Committee is responsible for determining the best use of Gulf Coast Section funds for recruiting and retaining students to be scientists and engineers for the energy industry.  

The Education Committee accomplishes this through support of various programs in the section's primary and secondary schools and engineering programs at the community college and university levels encouraging students to develop their abilities in math, science, and engineering through scholarships, internships, and outreach.


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The Education Committee has the following positions open: 

  • Publicity

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SPE Gulf Coast Section Scholarship Endowment Fund

Helping Our Science - Engineering Students with their Future Careers

If you would like to make a donation for the SPE-GCS Scholarship Endowment Fund, please Go to the SPE-GCS Scholarship Endowment Fund Donation page or Download the Scholarship Endowment Fund Donation Form.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

Visit the SPE-GCS Scholarship Endowment Fund Page for additional information.

Download the Scholarship Endowment Fund Brochure


SPE-GCS Education Committee


Our Committe is dedicated to serving the SPE -GCS Community. Our primary objective is to determine best use of GCS funds for recruiting, training and retaining scientists and engineers for the energy industry.

SPE-GCS Strategic Plan

  • University Programs
  • Scholarships
  • K-12 Outreach

 SPE-GCS Continuing Needs

  • Elementary - Favorable impression / interest in math / science and energy
  • Middle School - Math - get through Algebra!
  • High School - Industry interest / scholarships / high school recruiting fairs
  • Junior/Community College - Untapped talent pool?
  • University - Faculty, especially young / new

SPE-GCS Scholarships

The SPE-GCS Scholarship is dedicated to increasing interest in the energy industry among graduating high school seniors and retaining students currently enrolled in science and engineering academic disiplines.

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are now being accepted. For more details, contact Eric Robken, Scholarship Committee Chair ( or click on this link:

SPE-GCS Scholarship Applications

SPE-GCS Internships

The SPE-GCS Internship Commitee works to secure internships for the new SPE-GCS scholarship recipients. Students who express interest in doing internships will be recommended to companies for consideration.

The SPE-GCS Internship Committee is also looking for internships for Houston Community College PetroTech students. These students need to have an internship to graduate.  Let us know if can offer any internships to HCC PetroTech students.

If you are a company representative and are interested in sponsoring internships or scholarships please contact One of our Internships Sub Committee Members:

James Barry, Internship Co-Chair ( ) 281 857-3693

Nami Southern, Publicity Chair and Internship Co-Chair ( )

For Internship Sponsorship Opportunities, Click here!

SPE-GCS HS Recruiting Fairs

The SPE-GCS HS Recruiting Fairs Committee organizes annual petroleum engineering recruiting fairs in the Houston area in the Fall to encourage high school students to consider careers in science and engineering.

The HS Recruiting Fairs are typically a two-hour program with a 30-minute program of speakers that has a variety of perspectives, including recent graduates, industry leaders and university recruiters

In the past, university recruiters at the fairs have included Colorado School of Mines, Louisiana State University, Marietta College, Montana Tech, University of Oklahoma, Penn State, University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, University of Tulsa and University of Missouri-Rolla

For more information about the upcoming HS Recruiting Fairs, contact Kory Izard ( and Denise Earles (, HS Recruiting Fair Committee Co-Chairs or visit the 2016 Annual SPE-GCS HS Recruiting Fair Event Page to register or volunteer.

SPE-GCS Student Chapters

SPE-GCS High School STEM Education - Tutoring Program

Are you interested in supporting your local high school in math and science? The SPE-GCS has a program that will meet your aspirations!

This HS STEM Education is an in-class tutoring program where volunteer tutors work with teachers and help them explain the concepts to the students. The help gives students more individual attention in mostly "on-level" Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Engineering classes. For more information visit the HS Volunteer Mentoring Program webpage. During the Covid-19 outbreak, all tutoring in this program will be virtual, not in-class, and arranged with the teacher. 

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Dick Murphy, SPE-GCS Program Coordinator, at

To learn more about this program watch this YouTube video: 

SPE-GCS Computer Donation Program

In mid-March 2020, school districts throughout Texas started to conduct classes online and this continued through the end of this school year.  In mid-May, it was been brought to our attention by iEducateUSA (a non-profit educational organization) and the City of Houston that there were many students in the greater Houston area that were unable to participate in the virtual online learning because of a lack of a computer at their homes. Without online access, they would fall further behind in their studies.  The SPE-GCS thought this was an excellent opportunity to help our community.

To date, 33 members/friends have responded to the request with 77 computers.  These varied from iMacs to various brands of laptops.  All were picked up from their homes/offices, cataloged, and taken to Comp-U-Dopt (a non-profit corporation). Comp-U-Dopt cleaned the computers, refurbished and loaded them with an operating system as well as educational apps.  They distributed computers to needy students within the greater Houston area via a lottery system.  All donors received a document from Comp-U-Dopt noting their donation, which could be used for tax purposes. 

Three corporations have donating unwanted computers: NOV, ConocoPhillips and Baker Hughes.  NOV has donated about 540 computers, ConocoPhillips about 120 and Baker Hughes about 25.  All of these computers will go to needy students throughout the Houston area. 

We thank all of you that have participated in the program for your generosity.  If anyone would like to still contribute to this program, please contact Dick Murphy at


Position Name Phone
Chair James Barry 281-857-3693 :
Treasurer Eric Robken
Program Chair Richard Murphy Scholarship Endowment Fund
Program Chair Eric Robken Scholarship
Program Chair Richard Murphy HS STEM Education - Tutoring Program
Past Chair Jennifer Pinnick
Program Coordinator Misa Uribe CISH Liaison
Program Coordinator Jeanne Perdue HCC and Lone Star Liaison
Publicity Nami Southern Publicity Chair Internship Co-Chair


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