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In our mission to continue to serve the oil and gas community in Greater Houston and conduct more knowledge sharing events catered to the growing interest, SPE GCS Data Analytics Study Group aims to organize events by inviting key industry practitioners, thought leaders and innovators to discuss about latest advancements in ‘Big data analytics’ in oil and gas and build a community of E&P data analytics enthusiasts. This study group aims to build a community of E&P data enthusiasts in Gulf Coast and help expedite adoption of this field in Oil and Gas
The field of data analytics with its diverse applications holds tremendous potential and is poised to fundamentally change the oil and gas industry. This was evident in the inaugural event of the SPE GCS Data Analytics Study Group conducted on Jan 18 which was a first-of-its-kind GCS event and attended by more than 100 oil and gas professionals with a good mix from all demographics. The study group committee has been working very hard in the past couple of months to engage SPE members and various industry organizations to put together a comprehensive plan for the year consisting of technical talks, training workshops, community outreach events and networking mixers. 





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Event 1: January 18th, 2017
The SPE GCS Data Analytics group successfully organized their inaugural event on January 18 at IHS Markit facility, hosting 100+ oil and gas professionals keen on learning about role of Analytics in E&P. Deepak Gala, SPE GCS Chair giving the inaugural address and introduced the study group. The Study Group Chair, Supriya Gupta presented the mission and goals of the Study group for 2017. She also announced Accenture as the study group’s Events sponsor for 2017. The Speaker, Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, a Fellow and Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton, delivered a very enriching talk on whether the E&P Industry has realized the value of digital transformation and leveraged data analytics. The event was very well appreciated by all the attendees, including the GCS Board Members, and top professionals in the Houston Oil & Gas community. 

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Event 2: March 23rd, 2017
This past March, the SPE-GCS Data Analytics Study Group successfully established its second event at the IHS Markit building, yielding a turnout of 70 attendees. Yogashri Pradhan, one of the study group coordinators, hosted this event by reintroducing Accenture as the year sponsor for the study group, reminding attendees about the study group’s objectives, and broadcasting future events for 2017. The event focused on a drilling analytics theme, with talks featuring  Brian Tarr, Senior Well Engineer at Shell, and Mark Mibbard, founder and CEO of CoVar Applied Technologies.  Mr. Tarr gave an insightful talk on how to automate the initial response for well control incidents in deepwater. Similarly, Mr. Hibbard gave an enlightening talk on how CoVar is developing technologies on machine learning pattern recognition, including data analytics and computer vision, to identify operational and safety hazards while drilling. Both of these talks were well received by attendees, mentioning that the knowledge obtained could be applicable and add value in other organizations.




Event 3: April 20th, 2017
The SPE GCS Data Analytics group successfully organized their third knowledge sharing event on April 20 at Houston Technology Centre, hosting several oil and gas professionals keen on learning about big data analytics, machine learning and innovative technology of the future. The Data Analytics Study Group invited Omar A. Abou-Sayed, President of Advantek International Company and Vinod Veedu, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Oceanit. Omar presented Advantek’s case study on using data mining to identify development best practices in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Veedu shared examples of Oceanit's technology commercialization journey from smart sensing materials to digital innovation applications for the oil and gas industry.


Event 4: May 11, 2017

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The emerging field of data analytics holds tremendous potential and is poised to fundamentally change the oil and gas industry. To address this growing interest within the SPE community, the Data Analytics Study Group of the SPE Gulf Coast Section aims to organize knowledge sharing events by inviting key industry practitioners, thought leaders and innovators to discuss about latest advancements in ‘Big Data Analytics’ in oil and gas.
The 2017 SPE GCS Data Analytics calendar is in full swing and our board members are actively planning various analytics-focused events which include Technical Talks, Panel Sessions, Networking events, Training Workshops and Machine learning Symposium towards the last quarter of the year. The target audience for these events would include senior executives and subject matter experts from operators and service companies, tech startups, digital and strategy consulting firms and universities.
Sponsoring the activities of the Data Analytics Study group will provide your company greater visibility among the oil & gas community in the Houston area. It will provide your company a platform to expose their expertise in the area of oil and gas analytics to the wider audience particularly interested in the field of oil and gas analytics.  Therefore, the Data Analytics Board would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become involved in the most relevant and exciting field dominating the oil and gas industry in this new generation.
Where does the sponsorship money go?
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a non-profit professional association. SPE Gulf Coast Section (GCS) is largest of the SPE’s sections worldwide. It is a forum for oil and gas professionals to exchange technical knowledge, develop their careers, and network with other local SPE members. It organizes local study group meetings and conferences, professional networking and professional development events and performs community service in the Greater Houston area.
The funds donated to SPE GCS are used to sponsor high performing students in the Gulf Coast region during their college years. The funds aim to encourage and increase the interest in the petroleum industry among graduating seniors, and retain students currently enrolled in petroleum related academic disciplines. A committee is setup to interview and recruit focused, high quality and talented graduates entering the petroleum industry. This is done through recruiting fairs, special event tours, summer employment, internships and direct contact during the students' academic careers, all supported by SPE.
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