We will strive to disseminate technical information to the membership and all interested parties. We will focus on improved and cutting-edge technological developments. The information methodology will include case studies, ongoing research, and development. We will utilize monthly meetings, synopses, and summaries to transfer the information to the membership. Finally, the Drilling Study Group forum will act as a network for members to communicate ideas and solutions to each other.


Contact Jesus Capo / James Barry for Monthly Sponsorship Opportunities


Volunteer with SPE-GCS

The Drilling Study Group has the following positions open: 

  • Membership Chair
  • Secretary/Vice Secretary
  • Development Chair

Fill out the following form and the chair will be in touch with you about volunteering opportunities.


Community Survey:

The SPE-GCS Drilling Study Group surveyed the drilling community about ideas for future events to be hosted by the study group. We received your responses and the categories selected were: 1) New cementing technology / zonal isolation, 2) Energy Transition, 3) 20k projects, 4) UCR drilling and 5) drilling automation/performance. 

Stay tuned to register for future events to be prepared in these categories


Drilling Symposium 2018 Presentations:

Making Actionable Information and Automated Decisions from Real Time Drilling Data

Use of Mechanical Specific Energy Calculation in Real-Time to Better Detect Vibrations and Bit Wear While Drilling

Artificial Intelligence - Is It Time To Try It Again?

Robotics in Oil and Gas

The Evolution of Real-Time Torque & Drag Analysis from Manual Local Usage to Automated Cloud-Based Analytics



Position Name Phone
Chair Jesus Capo 713-471-0258
Treasurer Jose Raul Contreras Escalante +18322842670
Program Coordinator Tyler Reynolds 979-324-7085
Arrangements Christopher Celbowski +18328340467
Publicity Oscar Sanchez +2814689155
Board Liaison James Barry +2818573693
Board Liaison Ernie Prochaska +2812211434
Board Liaison Graham Mensa-Wilmot +2814358006


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