Job-Seeker Questions 

Q. What is the format of the Hiring Event?
A. During their assigned one-hour time-slot, job-seekers will enter virtual company booths via chat for a 5-minute conversation with each employer representative of their choosing. Job-seekers can visit company booths to chat, view videos, learn about open positions, and read supplemental material. To continue a conversation via video, some company representatives may request job-seekers transition to a Zoom meeting. Discipline-driven Networking Suites, hosted by Collaborating Organizations and partnering companies, are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm, hosted within Zoom, and can be attended by job-seekers at any time.

Q. How many job-seekers are expected?
There is no limitation on the Texas Workforce Solutions platform for the SPE Hiring Event. SPE Networking Suites, hosted via Zoom, are limited to 500 participants at any one time.

Q: Is this event only for SPE members?
A: No. This event is for job-seekers who are members of SPE and/or the Collaborating Professional Organizations listed here. When registering, job seekers are required to prove membership with the collaborating organizations they hold current professional membership. If a job seeker is a professional member of more than one organization, they are directed to Ctrl+Click to select more than one collaborating organization.

Employer Questions 

Q: How much are company and recruiter participation fees?
A: Becuase SPE-GCS is partnering with Texas Worforce Solutions, there is no participation fee for comanies or recruiters.

Q: Will there be booth assistance available?
A: Yes, the Texas Workforce Solutions and SPE-GCS Event Planning Committee provides technical and administrative support before, during, and after the event.

Q: How will you advertise the event to job seekers?
A: SPE-GCS promotes the Hiring Event by collaborating with other industry organizations, oil & gas media, and selected social media.  

Q. What else do we need to know before the event?
A. Participating hiring companies and recruiters may opt to preview job-seeker resumes via Dropbox, ftp site, or hard copy via US mail.
The resume package will include materials of job seekers who register for the event and meet event requirements.

Texas Workforce Solutions will provide each company/recruiter with event requirements for booth setup and operation, including an opportunity to talk with a TSC representative one-to-one for platform structure, event logistics and specific questions.

Booth Logistics

Q. What is the standard set-up for a booth?
A. Each virtual company booth will feature the company logo/banner, chat room, video portal, media portal (brochures, etc.), job posting portal, and access to Zoom to transfer to video discussions.

Q. What time do we need to come to prepare the booth?
A. Employers may set up their virtual booths one to two days prior to the event. The Hiring Event opens at 9:00am and closes at 3:00pm. Please make certain a company representative is available to work the booth for the entire event.

Collaborating Organization Questions 

Q. What is the format for the Networking Suites?
A. Collaborating Organizations will lead the virtual Networking Suites via Zoom in two-hour blocks from 9:00am to 3:00pm. There will be about eight networking suites for the course of the day with job-seekers visiting at their choosing. The Networking Suite schedule, focus group discussion topics, and individual Zoom links will be emailed to each Networking Suite host and job-seeker prior to the event.

Q: Will there be suite assistance available?
A: Yes, the SPE Spring 2021 Hiring Event volunteers will provide technical and administrative support before, during, and after the event.