Job-Seeker Questions 

Q. What is the format of the Hiring Event?
A. There is an in person portion and an online portion.  For the online portion, during their assigned one-hour time-slot, job-seekers will enter virtual company booths via chat for a 5-minute conversation with each employer representative of their choosing. Job-seekers can visit company booths to chat, view videos, learn about open positions, and read supplemental material. To continue a conversation via video, some company representatives may request job-seekers transition to a Zoom meeting. Discipline-driven Networking Suites, hosted by Collaborating Organizations and partnering companies, are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm, hosted within Zoom, and can be attended by job-seekers at any time.

Q. How many job-seekers are expected?
There is no limitation on the Texas Workforce Solutions platform for the SPE Hiring Event. SPE Networking Suites, hosted via Zoom, are limited to 500 participants at any one time.

Q: Is this event only for SPE members?
A: No. This event is for job-seekers who are members of SPE and/or the Collaborating Professional Organizations listed here. When registering, job seekers are required to prove membership with the collaborating organizations they hold current professional membership. If a job seeker is a professional member of more than one organization, they are directed to Ctrl+Click to select more than one collaborating organization.

Q: Will there be a private, one-on-one between employer and candidate?
A: Yes, this is possible, but not guaranteed.  There is a chat function which the hiring companies can use to speak with candidates, and at their option this can be moved from a group discussion to a 1:1 discussion whenever they choose. Again, at their option, this may include one on one video, but this is not something we require companies to offer or engage in.  As with any virtual event that may be bidirectional, always assume that you will be using your web cam, and present yourself and your surroundings the way you would want others to see you.

Q: Will the employer or the candidate choose with whom they will talk?
A: Candidates can engage in group chat with any employer(s) they might like to.  Just as at an in person event, it is the choice of the employers if they will move on to one on one discussions.

Q: Will specific job openings be provided to the candidates beforehand?
A: No – most companies are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what positions they will hire for and at what times, and cannot provide an accurate representation of the people they are looking for in advance of the event.  As part of their guidance for the event, we are encouraging the hiring organizations to post the sorts of positions they are hiring for in their booths on the day of the event.  Having specific openings is not the only way companies perform hiring.  In the case of recruiters who represent very large organizations or consultancies, or recruiting agencies, it is often the case that they are looking to see what talent is available, and then they will set about finding opportunities to utilize those specific people in their organization or network.   

Q: Will The online portion be a Skype or Zoom-type event?  If not, how will it work?
A: The basis of the event is the easy virtual fair platform, which is generally based on a graphical user interface with native text based communication embedded in a many places for asking questions, and communicating with employers.   Individual companies may also have video chat/video interviews organized, but they are not required to do so.  Always assume that you will be using your web cam, and present yourself and your surroundings the way you would want others to see you. Just as at an ‘in person’ hiring event some of the organizations will be performing live interviews on/at the site of the fair, whereas others will be looking to gather more general information from potential applicants with the expectation of following up with candidates of interest in another way, or on another platform.  As the hosts of the event we do not control how they will organize their recruitment strategies.  As hosts we are also organizing a variety of zoom based networking sessions.  These are being hosted by our associated professional organizations, and will be an interactive way to discuss a variety of topics of interest to job seekers, and to professionals in the energy industry.  Stop by the SPE booth at the job fair to find the links and details for these networking sessions.

Q:  Online, what are the log-in details?
A: Log in information will be provided to all candidates a few days before the start of the event.  This ensures that everyone gets the information at the same time, together with any other ‘last minute’  details which will be helpful in ensuring that you have all the information you will need to be able to use and take advantage of all the opportunities and features of the event. 

Q:  I registered for a 10AM CT slot online.  Is that the time I will be expected to log in?
A: The online registration start times are scheduled in hourly increments to spread the job seeker attendance over the whole 6 hours so it optimizes the experience for everyone. You may want to log in earlier to check out the networking suites.  We have divided up the job seeker pool so that job seekers and employers are not overwhelmed at the start of the event, or at any other one time.  Once you’ve joined, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.  You should expect wait times to be longer to visit with employers and staffing agencies in the morning, so you might choose to start in the networking suites to wait for the crowds in the booths to subside. At past fairs the attendance dropped in the later hours, so if you don’t like to wait, sign up for these start times.

Q: How long will I be able to participate?
A: After logging in,  you can stay as long as you want until the event is ended, including visiting the employers and staffing agencies, and dropping in at the networking sessions.  If you accidentally log out, lose connection, etc.  you can log back in at any time. In person limits may apply if an exceptionally large number of people are present at any one time to comply with fire marshall safety rules, and to ensure sufficient space for people to interact without excess crowding.  

Q: More questions?

A: Email us at:

Employer Questions 

Q: How much are company and recruiter participation fees?
A: In person has fees.  However online does not.  Becuase SPE-GCS is partnering with Texas Worforce Solutions for the online portions, there is no participation fee for comanies or recruiters.

Q: Will there be booth assistance available?
A: Yes, the Texas Workforce Solutions and SPE-GCS Event Planning Committee provides technical and administrative support before, during, and after the event. For onsite recruiting there are volunteers with the SPE and from the Radack center to assist you.  

Q: How will you advertise the event to job seekers?
A: SPE-GCS promotes the Hiring Event by collaborating with other industry organizations, oil & gas media, and selected social media.  

Q: What else do we need to know before the event?
A: Participating hiring companies and recruiters may opt to preview job-seeker resumes via Dropbox, ftp site, or hard copy via US mail.
The resume package will include materials of job seekers who register for the event and meet event requirements.

For online participants, Texas Workforce Solutions will provide each company/recruiter with event requirements for booth setup and operation, including an opportunity to talk with a TSC representative one-to-one for platform structure, event logistics and specific questions.

Q: There will be a team from my organization. Do they need to register on their own or is there a place I can add them once our booth is set up?
A:  Each person should register under the name, phone number and e-mail address that is best for them.  This way they will be able to simultaneously and individually help out at the event itself.  If people share log in information, then they can only be on one at a time, and the information which is displayed at the event will not correctly match up with the person using the account.  When we have news or information about the event to pass on ,  we can send it to everyone at once.  If we only have the contact information for part of your team,  we cannot get information out in a timely manner.  If there are last minute changes in your expected personnel on the day of the event, we will do our very best to try and assist in ensuring they can participate as fully as possible. This works the same for in person, or virtual options.   

Booth Logistics

Q. What is the standard set-up for a booth?
A. in person booths will be furnished with tables and chairs.  Each virtual company booth will feature the company logo/banner, chat room, video portal, media portal (brochures, etc.), job posting portal, and access to Zoom to transfer to video discussions.

Q. What time do we need to come to prepare the booth?
A. For in person Employers, the venue opens at 9 am the day of the event.  It may be possible to do set up work the evening before, but that is not yet confirmed.  Employers may set up their virtual booths one to two days prior to the event. The Hiring Event opens at 9:00am and closes at 3:00pm. Please make certain at least one company representative is available to work the booth for the entire event.

Q: More questions?

A: Email us at:

 Collaborating Organization Questions 

Q. What is the format for the Networking Suites?
A. For people in person, there will be a networking area.  For online participants, collaborating organizations will lead the virtual Networking Suites via Zoom in two-hour blocks from 9:00am to 3:00pm. There will be several networking suites for the course of the day with job-seekers visiting at their choosing. The Networking Suite schedule, focus group discussion topics, and individual Zoom links will be emailed to each Networking Suite host and job-seeker prior to the event. 

Q: Will there be suite assistance available?
A: Yes, the SPE Spring 2022 Hiring Event volunteers will provide technical and administrative support before, during, and after the event.

Q: More questions?

A: Email us at: