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To Innovate means “to Introduce Change that Others Value,” which defines the success criteria of our target audience: Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Inventors, Intrapreneurs, Visionaries, Creatives, Investors, Academics, and Technologists.

The Innovate committee of SPE-GCS creates value for our participants through the design and delivery of Energy Events to achieve three goals.

  • Accelerate the introduction and adoption of innovation in our Energy Industry
  • Strengthen the innovation network within the Energy Industry and across complementing industries in Houston
  • Facilitate the launching and scaling of new Energy businesses within the Houston Innovation Ecosystem

Our committee has a series of integrated events for the 2022-2023 Season.

The theme for our Innovate events for 2022-2024 is "Building Better Innovators," a theme designed to enable the creative individual – an innovator, technologist, or entrepreneur - to change the Energy Industry for the better. 

  • Better Innovators deliver stronger corporations and valuable Start-Ups
  • A Bottom-Up approach recognizes that enabling people is necessary to realize change
  • Address the root cause limiting our Energy Industry: innovation requires innovators

Please review our events for our fourth season of Innovate and participate.

Our Innovate Committee is seeking sponsors for our events. Different sponsorship levels are available for specific events as well as general sponsorship for all events. All profit from our activities benefits the SPE-GCS Scholarship Endowment Fund.


Position Name Phone Email
Chair Tim Stephens (312) 780-9694
Innovate Steve Louis None
Innovate Trudy Boudreaux None

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