The SPE-GCS Continuing Education Committee is responsible for providing continuing education opportunities for its members as needed for their professional development and career management.  It does so by:
  • Staging educational events such as short courses (technical, business, etc.)
  • Identifying the above-stated needs of the section membership by surveys, interviews and accumulating information from individual requests
  • Developing new courses as needed and as identified
  • Piloting short courses for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (the majority of SPE-sanctioned short courses were either developed or piloted in the Gulf Coast Section)
  • Championing timely initiatives, such as distance learning, computer-based training, cooperative efforts with universities and other professional societies.

Annual or popular recurring events of interest include:

  • Oil Patch Orientation
  • YP Roughneck Camp


Position Name Phone
Chair John "J.J." Jackson 346-268-8521
Vice Chair Open Position
Treasurer Open Position
Program Chair Open Position None
Program Chair Open Position None
Program Chair Open Position
Social Media Open Position None
Website Open Position None
Past Chair Sunil Lakshminarayanan
Social Activities Open Position None
Publicity Open Position None
Education Susan Howes None
Past Chair Mike Redburn None


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