2019 - 2020 Young Professionals


Who We Are & What We Do


We are a family of 36 driven professionals in the Oil & Gas industry based out of greater Houston. In our previous session, from Aug-17 to Jul-18, we hosted 59 events catering to Young Professionals every month!!
Total of 59 events with 2,200 participants!


  • 9 Professional Events helping develop your technical skills and keeping you up-to-speed on what's happening in the industry.
  • 19 Community Outreach events with total of 200 volunteers where we partnered with various organizations to impact the community at large.
  • 10 Networking Events where we hosted 1000s who came in and made our gatherings fun and exciting. 
  • 9 Student Focused Events where we had 100s of students engage with industry professionals to advance their careers.
  • Emerging Engineers Symposium: Held at Chevron downtown, Houston,TX on May 24th 2018, we hosted 150 early career professionals to provide them a platform to interact with 18 executives. This year's topic was "Leading Digital Transformation".
  • RoughNeck Camp: Over 300 attendees interacted with 30 distinguished speakers from the industry at ExxonMobil Campus, Spring on July 12th. This year's theme was "From Planning to Profit: an Expose in Agile Energy Careers"


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Upcoming Events 2019-2020


Join us for in our upcoming events below or view them on the website calendar.  


Thursday, March 19th, Networking Event

Saturday, March 28th, Trash Bash Volunteering

 Tuesday, April 7th, SPE GCS YP General Meeting

 Thursday, April 23rd, Networking Event

Tuesday May 5th, SPE GCS YP General Meeting

Tuesday, June 2nd, SPE GCS YP General Meeting

Tuesday, Wedensday June 9th-10th, Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Friday, June 19th, SPE GCS YP RoughNeck Camp

Monday, July 6th, "What Happens Now?" Conversation with David Ramsden-Wood


Vision & Mission


To engage and develop the leadership potential of young oil and gas professionals in preparation to challenge and lead the industry.To establish a resource base of qualified and dedicated leaders from which the SPE can draw upon to strengthen the organization and industry.
Read more details in the SPE-GCS YP Governance Document.



Core Team


Treasurer and Sponsorship Team


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