Completions and Production

The Completions & Production Study Group's mission is to transfer real and conceptual technology related to Wellbore Construction, Completion, and Maintenance that will increase production rates, increase recoverable reserves, and reduce operating costs.

Position Name Phone
Vice Chair Daryl Johnson 281.921.6518
Program Coordinator Reza Safari 346.804.8916
Treasurer shree krishna 919.413.9670
Vice Treasurer Olatunji Orekha 281.921.6678
Program Coordinator shree krishna 281.206.2000
Chair John Vozniak 210.268.0862
Publicity Kris wilson 832.854.2848
Website/Webinar Kanat Iskaliyev 713.849.1865
Membership Reza Safari 713.849.1865
Past Chair Jonathan Godwin 713.322.6077
Board Liaison Bill Westberry 832.624.7962
Program Vice Coordinator Daryl Johnson 281.921.6518