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Print Newsletter Ad Rates and Specifications

Effective August 2017 – July 2018 Program Year

Reach and Frequency:

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section Newsletter is now offering copies of Connect exclusively online in a beautiful magazine-like format allowing viewers to flip through the pages and easily click links on points of interest (starting January 2018), from August through July. The newsletter has a reach of over 15,000 members of the SPE Gulf Coast Section, which covers 29 counties in the Greater Houston area, and our five Student Chapters: Texas A&M, Prairie View A&M University, University of Houston, Rice University and Houston Community College. 

Production Specifications:

All ad materials should be submitted digitally to our Advertising Coordinator (

Click Here to contact our Ad Department for more information or to submit an ad.

Advertising Rates:

  • Full Page with No Bleed: $3,000.00
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal: $1,600.00 
  • 1/3 Page Horizontal: $1,200.00
  • 1/4 Page: $800.00

Advertisement Specs: 

Only high resolution PDF files converted to a CMYK and 300 dpi will be accepted. All fonts and images must be embedded in your PDF. Please set your file size to the dimensions listed below. Only full page ads that bleed should be set up with bleeds. Ads submitted with the wrong dimensions will not be accepted. 

* Please note: All prices listed are in USD. We offer a 5% discount on a 4 month ad commitment, 10% discount on 6 month ad commitment and a 15% discount with a 12 month ad commitment. 


e-Newsletter Ad Rates and Specifications


Reach and Frequency:

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section distributes a monthly e-Newsletter twice each month to over 16,000 recipients; once at the beginning of the month and a second in the middle of the month. 

Each monthly e-Newsletter, on average, has a 39% open rate with a 10% click-through rate on each email distributed.   

Monthly Rate - Price includes one ad per e-Newsletter. e-Newsletters are sent twice monthly: 

  • $500.00 - 2x/Month

We offer a 10% discount on a 6 month ad committment and a 15% discount with a 12 month ad committment. 

Advertisement Specifications:

The graphic should be 184 X 150 pixels at 72 dpi. Please provide a URL to direct users to your landing page.



Website Homepage Ad Rates and Specifications


Reach and Frequency:

The website averages over 47,000 visitors to the homepage each month. There are 3 sponsorship spots available each month on our homepage. 


Advertisement Rates:

  • 12 Months: $ 3,200.00
  • 6 Months  : $ 1,600.00
  • 3 Months  : $    800.00


Advertisement Specifications: 

  • File Types Accepted: JPG, GIF, BMP
  • Static images only, no animated GIFs or Flash.
  • Pixel Width: 285
  • Pixel Height: 100
  • Maximum File Size: 20K
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Target URLs: One target URL accepted


Website Event Ad Rates and Specifications 

 In addition to advertising in our Connect digital newsletter and e-Newsletter, SPE-GCS offers sponsorship placement with our monthly events. An advertising package can be customized to meet all of your advertising and sponsorship needs. 

For more information and to create a customized package, please contact our Advertising Coordinator at




 For more information Contact our Ad Department

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