Charter for SPE Digital Transformation Study Group (DTSG)

  • DRIVE the adoption of IoT, big data, machine learning, and cybersecurity technologies (and others) to enable data driven decision making, increasing industry efficiency through the fusion of operations and information technologies (OT/IT).
  • SHARE carefully researched and qualified use cases that will help all industry players adopt best practices to connect, manage and extract value from data –achieving improvements in terms of cost reductions, increased safety, added value generation, greater operational efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.
  • GUIDE the industry in understanding and leveraging the digital technologies towards  transformative business and safety outcomes.


Mark your callendar for our packed annual event April 23rd, 2020 in Houston

Digital Transformation Annual Congress


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Steering Committee Position Name Company
Chair Philippe Flichy Noven
Vice Chairman Jim Claunch  Bain & Co.
Vice Chairman Alec Walker  Delfin
Secretary Vidya Bammidi Keane Group
Treasurer Andrew Nobbay Oxy
Marketing & Publicity Sean Guerre  InnovateEnergy
Sponsorships David Shimbo  SAP
Program Coordination Claude Baudoin Cebe
Knowledge Sharing  Mauricio Fernandez  SAS
Webmaster Sam Chapman  
Membership Dale Hayes  DKRL Consulting
Advisor Louis Desroches Intel
Advisor Susan Morgan BHGE
Advisor Utpal Ganguly  


Position Name Phone
Chair Philippe Flichy None
Vice Chair Jim Claunch None
Secretary Hari Iyer None
Treasurer Andrew Nobbay None
Publicity Sean Guerre None
Website/Webinar Anh Dang None
Membership Dale Hayes None
Sponsorship david shimbo None
Program Coordinator Claude Baudoin None
Arrangements Mauricio Fernandez None


  • SPE-GCS Annual Awards Banquet
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  • SPE-GCS Annual Awards Banquet
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  • SGT_0236
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