May. 17 - May. 18, 2016







TWO DAY WORK SHOP: New Thinking and Value Propositions in Exploration and Production: ProActive Steps Now


DATE:  May 17 & 18 2016

PLACE: Houston, TX - Norris Conference Center – City Centre

   816 Town & Country Lane, Suite 210

   Houston Texas 77024

   (713) 590-0950


  • Student - $150.00
  • Laid Off Workers - $75/day, $150 for both days
  • Young Professional - $295.00
  • Speaker - $395.00
  • AAPG / SPE/ HGS / SIPES HOUSTON Affiliated Member - $595.00

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The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, with the support of the Houston Geological Society, the Society of Independent Petroleum Earth Scientists – Houston Chapter, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Gulf Coast Section are pleased to announce a two-day workshop focused on helping oil and gas professionals proactively create opportunities for themselves and their companies in a low price environment.

The goal of this two-day workshop is to help engineers, geologists, geophysicists, land professionals, and entrepreneurs define and implement economic project opportunities in a low price environment, including: 

  • Rethink reservoirs and technologies
  • Bring value propositions to operators
  • Revitalize reservoirs for less than the cost of plugging and abandoning, paid for by increased production
  • Pilot new products and technologies
  • Be prepared to prosper when industry conditions improve

Speakers will include (some still provisional):

  • Ross- Peebles - Seismic / Characterization / Improvement Case Study
  • Joel Walls - New Ways to Use Pore Characterization to Optimize Production
  • Graham Spense - Advanced Cutting Analysis Provides Improved Completion Design, Efficiency and Well Production
  • Andrew Benson - Better Ways to Use Geology to Improve Production and Efficiency: Case Studies
  • Ahmed Ouenes - Successful Refracing: Workflows and Case Studies
  • Geoff Thyne, Teresa Nealon, and Salem Thyne - How Changing Wettability Can Improve Production in Extremely Quick and Cost-Effective Ways;
  • Liang Xu - Surfactants: Inexpensive & Effective Revitalization
  • Troy Jones - Restoring the Reservoir Drive: Automation and New Lift Technology
  • Pedro Rodriguez - Restimulating and Refracing Using Pressure Pumping
  • Greg Boyles - Smart Pumper Systems to Revitalize Reservoirs
  • Deborah Sacrey - Machine Learning in the Workflow for New Discoveries
  • William (Bill) Fairhurst - Getting Started in Acquiring or Evaluating Assets: Assembling Teams, Financing Options, Acquiring the Right Data;
  • Susan Nash - Build Your Own Opportunities in the Oil Business: Easy and Practical Steps
  • Steven Ilkay  - Generating Cash Flow Under Lower Oil Price Scenarios for Longer: A Look at Current Economics of Conventional, Marginal and Unconventional Plays
  • Ryan Duman - Will Spending More Get You More? An Analysis of the Relationship between Well Cost and Productivity
  • Robert (Bob) Shelley - Improving Shale Economics




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Date and Time

Tue, May. 17


Wed, May. 18, 2016

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT-0600) US/Central

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Norris Center City Center

801 Town & Country Blvd #210
Houston, TX 77024
United States

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