Feb. 10, 2015


Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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The Houstonian Hotel - Juniper Room
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About the Executive Breakfast

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section (SPE-GCS) Executive Breakfast is an exclusive annual event tailored specifically for Oil & Gas executives. This year’s Executive Breakfast will be taking place on February 10th at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas and will feature keynote speaker Rustom Mody - VP Technology at Baker Hughes, Ganesh Thakur, Helge Haldorsen, and Nathan Meehan – the past, present, and future SPE Presidents; and Jeanne Perdue, SPE-GCS Chair. In addition to the keynote address on the importance of Technology & SPE, the speakers will also explain how active involvement in SPE can help companies -- especially in low oil price scenarios. SPE-GCS committee and study group chairs will update attendees on upcoming events, cost-effective training & career development opportunities, volunteer efforts, and scholarship and internship resources. Small group discussions will be held with energy leaders about how SPE directly impacts your employees and will get your input on what you and your company would like to see more or less of from SPE-GCS. There will also be invaluable opportunities to network with industry peers.

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Keynote Topic

One Degree of Separation: SPE’s Pivotal Role in Keeping the Wheels of Innovation Turning During $50 Oil

One silver lining in the E&P industry’s current stormy marketplace is that innovation, which drives our industry forward, has an opportunity to proliferate during market downturns. That is not as counterintuitive as it might sound. Innovation involves disruptive technologies and processes. People and companies who are adverse to disruptions during “good times” are far more amenable to disruptive changes during a downturn.           

Innovation is disruptive. It is associative. And, it is commercial. While the importance of the Society of Petroleum Engineers to the E&P industry is never in question, its role during downturns such as the one we are currently experiencing is pivotal. Because in times like these, active involvement in SPE can erase the degrees of separation that stand between companies and individuals, and the efficiencies, differentiation, and commercial success they seek going forward.

Rustom Mody, Vice President and Chief Engineer – Enterprise Technology for Baker Hughes, will discuss why now is the time to focus more, rather than less, on the collaboration and association that are crucial to innovation, and how active involvement in SPE can keep the wheels of innovation—and competition—turning.



Executive Breakfast Agenda

Houstonian Hotel - Juniper Room  






6:45-7:30 AM



Orientation, Networking & Coffee

7:30– 7:55 AM

Jeanne Perdue, SPE-GCS Chair

Safety Moment and SPE-GCS “State of the Union”

A case for 2015 increased support, voluntarism. “How SPE-GCS can help you in low oil price scenarios”

7:55-8:30 AM

Ganesh Thakur, Helge Hove Haldorsen, Nathan Meehan

Panel of Past, Present, and Future SPE Presidents

Panel speaks about the historical & future importance of SPE in the Industry. Q&A.

8:30-8:45 AM



Networking & Coffee

8:45-9:20 AM

Rustom Mody, VP Technology Baker Hughes

One Degree of Separation: SPE’s Pivotal Role in Keeping the Wheels of Innovation Turning During $50 oil

Baker Hughes, top supporter of SPE in 2014.

Keynote Speech and Q&A.

9:20–9:40 AM

SPE Leadership Team

Committee Table Tour with Executives

“SPE-edy” Breakout sessions. 2015 initiatives for Education, Technical, Special Events

9:40–9:50 AM

SPE Leadership Team

Facilitated Session at the Tables

Executives provide their input on the future of SPE-GCS

9:50–10:00 AM

Jeanne Perdue, SPE-GCS Chair

Closing Remarks & Next Steps for SPE-GCS

Conclude session

10:00-10:30 AM

Coffee Break

Photos, Networking & Coffee

Photos, Networking & Coffee


Keynote Speaker

Rustom Mody
Vice President Technology, Baker Hughes

Rustom K. Mody, P.E., is Vice President and Chief Engineer – Enterprise Technology for Baker Hughes Incorporated. He oversees product and service research and development as well as engineering talent development across the Baker Hughes enterprise. He also heads industry and university collaboration for the company.

Rustom holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in Finance. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

Rustom holds 15 patents and is the author of numerous technical publications. He and his teams have won numerous Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation. In all, he has more than 32 years of experience in drilling and completion.

Rustom is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Association of Drilling Engineers, and International Association of Drilling Engineers, and serves on various sub-committees of all three organizations. He also serves on the Boards of Advisors for the University of Oklahoma Engineering Department and University of Oklahoma Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geologic Engineering Industry

Advisory Board, and Pumps& Pipes, a Houston research initiative that fosters collaboration and technology transfer among the oil and gas and medical communities and NASA.


Panel of Past, Present & Future SPE Presidents

Ganesh Thakur
2012 SPE President
Retired - VP, Global Advisor and Fellow of Chevron Energy Technology Company
Ganesh Thakur pix.jpg

Ganesh C. Thakur recently retired as vice president, global advisor and fellow of Chevron Energy Technology Company. Thakur is a world-recognized leader in reservoir engineering & simulation, secondary recovery, reservoir and well productivity improvement, heavy oil, horizontal well technology and EOR. He is also known for the emergence of reservoir management (RM) —in particular waterflooding—as a key interdisciplinary practice. Thakur has an impressive list of publications and teaching engagements conducted around the world. His skills and expertise are called upon widely in the design and operation of RM programs, mentoring technical professionals, and serving as an ambassador of technical capabilities to National Oil Companies and Government Ministries. He is an SPE Distinguished Member and has served as Technical Director – Reservoir for the Board of Directors, and an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. Thakur has authored 50 technical articles, three books, edited two SPE reprint series, and presented over 150 lectures/short courses around the world.

A past chairperson of the SPE Reprint Series, Thakur has served on the SPE Editorial Review and Forum Series committees and as short-course instructor on Integrated Reservoir Management and Waterflood Management. He received SPE’s 2005 Reservoir Description and Dynamics award, 2006 Penn State University’s outstanding alumni achievement award, and 1994 Orange County, California’s outstanding engineer of the year award. Thakur earned a B.S. degree in petroleum engineering from Indian School of Mines and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in petroleum and natural gas engineering plus an M.A. degree in mathematics, all from Pennsylvania State University. In addition, he earned an executive MBA degree from Houston Baptist University. He has served as an adjunct professor at USC, University of Texas (Permian Basin), University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, and serving King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Helge Hove Haldorsen
2015 SPE President
Vice President Strategy & Portfolio North America, Statoil  

Helge Hove Haldorsen serves as vice president strategy & portfolio North America for Statoil in Houston, Texas, USA. Prior to his tenure at Statoil, Haldorsen worked for Norsk Hydro in various roles including chief reservoir engineer, vice president technology and competence, vice president exploration and research, senior vice president international exploration and production, and president Hydro Gulf of Mexico.

He has also held various engineering positions at British Petroleum, Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio), and ExxonMobil (Esso). He was a second lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy and professor of industrial mathematics at the University of Oslo as well as a lecturer at Stanford University in California.

He has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineer's board of directors for three years. He also has been an SPE Distinguished Lecturer and Distinguished Author in JPT. He has authored numerous technical papers and articles.

Haldorsen earned an MS in petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Oslo and a PhD in reservoir engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He currently serves on the external advisory board for the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Nathan Meehan
2016 SPE President
Senior Executive Advisor, Baker Hughes 

D. Nathan Meehan, 2016 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) president, is senior executive adviser at Baker Hughes, advising executive management on reservoir and geoscience issues. Previously, he was president of CMG Petroleum Consulting, vice president of engineering for Occidental Oil & Gas; and general manager exploration and production at Union Pacific Resources.

Meehan earned a BSc in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MSc in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and a PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University. He previously served as chairman of the CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation and as director of the Computer Modelling Group, Vanyoganeft Oil Company, Pinnacle Technologies, SPE Board of Directors, and JOA Oil & Gas BV. He served on advisory boards of the University of Texas and the University of Houston and currently serves on the EME industry relations board at Pennsylvania State, the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Advisory Board of World Oil. He is the recipient of the Lester C. Uren Award for Distinguished Achievement in Petroleum Engineering and the Degolyer Distinguished Service Medal and served as a Distinguished Lecturer. He is a licensed professional engineer in four states and has published scores of papers.


Breakfast Host & Forum Moderator

Jeanne Perdue
Technical Writer, Occidental Petroleum  
Jeanne-Perdue-pix-sm.jpgJeanne M. Perdue, a Technical Writer at Occidental Petroleum, is the 2014-15 Chair of the SPE Gulf Coast Section and an SPE Distinguished Member. Her involvement with SPE started when she was a Chemist at the Texaco Research Labs, serving as Technical Editor and then Review Chairman on the SPE Peer Review Committee. Later, when she was a Texaco librarian, she helped design the SPE Magic Suitcase of hands-on demonstrations for schoolchildren. Jeanne played an instrumental role getting SPE papers scanned and indexed on a CD-ROM, and this SPE MasterDisc and eLibrary have since morphed into the OnePetro.org website. While covering the latest advancements in technology as an editor at Hart’s E&P and Upstream Technology magazines, Jeanne shared her Top Ten Applications on a tour as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. For the SPE Gulf Coast Section, she has served as Scholarship Chair, Community Services Chair, Membership Chair, and Secretary. Jeanne was elected twice to the Alief ISD School Board, and is currently on the industry advisory boards for the Houston Community College’s PetroTech program and the University of Houston’s Petroleum Engineering Program.



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