Chair's Corner - June 2020

Chair's Corner - June 2020

A Virtual GCS

I am pleased to announce one of our goals this year is finally complete. The Gulf Coast Section has added an online content library to its website platform. Over time, we plan to build this library into a robust learning center that is applicable to all of our SPE members. The library can be found online at

I encourage everyone to look at this new learning outreach site and create a bookmark on your browser so you can easily find courses of interest. This content library is in addition to the webinars our study groups and committees offer. The funds raised from our online library will go toward our Scholarship Endowment Fund, and directly assist local high school students attending university who wish to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry.

Most of our initial library content is geared toward our Members in Transition (MiT). Through these volatile times, please know that if you change careers or suffer from a layoff, SPE is still here for you. Our members are important to us, through good times and bad. If you have experienced a layoff or are currently going through furloughed employment, reach out to our MiT Committee. The committee hosts two job career fairs each year, as well as low-cost webinars and classes to help our members navigate uncertain times. The next MiT career fair will be held this fall, and I encourage our GCS members to visit our website for more details.

One of our flagship events, Roughneck Camp, is coming up in June. Roughneck Camp is hosted by our phenomenal Young Professionals Committee and will be a completely virtual, one-day event. Coordinating such an event, with multiple speakers at different timeslots and hundreds of attendees, is no small task. Our GCS volunteers continue to deliver as much education and technical content as possible, in spite of the roadblocks and challenges we have faced as a community from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost 15 years ago, I chaired and organized Roughneck Camp when I was on the Young Professionals Committee; I cannot believe how time has flown and how the event has changed with this new virtual initiative. I encourage all GCS members to sign up for this event. We are experiencing enormous change within our industry.

Whether driven by demand, price, safety or health considerations, we can and will make adjustments to keep the energy industry going. We always manage to deliver, regardless of the task or challenge ahead.

To register for the Young Professionals Roughneck Camp, please visit

Until next month,

Gabrielle Morrow