Chair's Corner - July 2020

Chair's Corner - July 2020

Keep Learning

This will be my last article before I pass the torch on to the vice chair of the SPE- GCS, Simeon Eburi.

Simeon will be the new board of directors chair beginning August 1, 2020.

I am very proud to have served in this capacity for my community and the industry over the past year, and I wish Simeon and the GCS all the best in the months and years to come. With that said, here are a couple of events the GCS is hosting before my term concludes.

The Data Analytics Study Group and Members in Transition (MiT) Committee have collaborated with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (NVIDIA DLI) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to present an exciting opportunity for SPE MiT members and students to develop and gain practical skills in deep learning through online courses.

These courses are being sponsored by our DLI and AWS corporate partners, thus allowing SPE MiT members and SPE students to take the courses at no charge. These free courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are exclusively available for SPE MiT and student members. Professional SPE and non-SPE members are highly encouraged to pursue these courses directly at the NVIDIA DLI by paying the respective course fees, which are offered at reasonable prices. If MiT and student registrations do not fill the classes allotted to the GCS, we will open the free registration to our regular SPE members over the next couple of months. Check for updates and registration at

I would also like to highlight an upcoming virtual event, "The Culture of Innovation within Energy Transition." The Innovate committee is excited to share a unique opportunity to discuss how our market is evolving. Topics related to energy transition within the oil and gas industry will be highlighted by bringing together esteemed experts to discuss how they are adapting and evolving within energy transition. We will have a keynote address by Arno Van Den Haak (AWS) on the "The New Energy Playbook," followed by a panel discussion.

The panel will include key executives of leading oil and gas operators, service providers and entrepreneurs.

They will be discussing initiatives that are undergoing major transition in today’s market, and how the growing business of renewable energy is changing the landscape of the oil and gas industry. At the conclusion of the panel session, virtual breakout rooms will be provided. This will allow adequate time for discussion and networking for the attendees. I encourage our GCS members to join the Innovate team on July 22 for their afternoon session. Please register at

I encourage everyone, regardless of what is going on with the industry, to always keep learning. No matter where you are in your career or in your life, we can all learn something new as we continue on our own journey. 

All my best to you and yours,

Gabrielle Morrow