The International Study Group's mission is to provide a forum for Houston area SPE members to share information on business practices, projects, and technology with relevance to international oil & gas work. The ISG will collaborate with other SPE Gulf Coast Section study groups to ensure maximum value to SPE membership in Houston, a nexus of the international oil & gas industry.

Since its reestablishment in 2010, the International Study Group has sought to fulfill its mission through bimonthly Speaker Luncheons. Recent speakers have included executives of multinational Majors, senior consultants from well-respected firms, and Directors from government petroleum ministries.

Upcoming Events:

The History of Oil in the Middle East - April 26, 2018 at the Petroleum Club

The Middle East has some unique geology which created the largest oil fields in the world.  Oil was first discovered in Iran in 1908 almost 110 years ago.  Next discoveries were made in other Middle East Countries including Bahrain, where the geologist could see small hills in Saudi Arabia during the sunset.

A prominent geologist at the time, said “he would drink all the oil produced in Saudi Arabia”.  The largest oil field “Ghawar” is in Saudi Arabia with unique geology.  This Geology extended into Kuwait, where Chevron is operating in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ).  During the presentation the geology of the Arab Basin will be shown and along with the major fields and history of the major discoveries.

SPEAKER: Ken Henry, Founder of WellDrive

Ken Henry graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He joined Schlumberger as a field engineer and worked in the fields of South Texas and was promoted to Log Analysist in Houston.  Next Ken was prompted to District Manager in Havre, Montana and then to District Manager in Midland Texas.  In 1980 Ken was transferred to Saudi Arabia as the Marketing Manager, where he gained first-hand experience in the large fields of the Middle East.   Ken was transferred to Indonesia as Marketing Manager for East Asia and then on the Kula Lumpur where he finished his 28 year career with Schlumberger.  In 2008 Ken founded the company WellDrive, which provided service to Chevron in the Kuwait PNZ.

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