Our mission is to exchange information on the operational and business drivers concerning communications and IT processes and systems within the oil and gas industry.

Our goals are:
to provide opportunities for members to acquire and upgrade their technical skills,
to establish networking opportunities for those with common interests, and
to emphasize and demonstrate the impact that digital technology has on the E&P industry.




Position Name Phone Email
Chair John Reichardt 713.595.5121
Vice Chair Harold Walters 713.839.3202
Treasurer Tim Loser 281.531.4333 x 815
Program Coordinator Greg Palmer 281.386.2483
Program Coordinator Tommy Denney 281.231.1011
Program Coordinator Tim Nguyen 713.552.4619
Arrangements Serkan Dursun 832.462.2576
Program Coordinator Michael Stratton 407.902.1301
Board Liaison Alvin Barber 713.979.9254
Past Chair Richard Morneau 281.315.9395


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