SPE-GCS Events

You found 107 events starting on or after May 27th, 2024.
Date Title Type Speakers Group
19 May 2040 ON DEMAND: Geomechanical Properties, Fracture Identification, and Formation Pressure from Drilling Data   On-Demand Stacy McWhorter, General Manager of Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Core Laboratories LP Westside
21 May 2040 ON DEMAND: How to Be Effective in a Diverse Workplace   On-Demand Cindy Wigglesworth Diversity & Inclusion
18 Mar 2041 [ON-DEMAND] Survive, Revive & Thrive – A Conversation With The 2021 SPE President   On-Demand Thomas A. Blasingame Reservoir
26 Mar 2041 ON DEMAND RECORDING: SPE-GCS Communications/ Publicity/ Social Media Refresher Primer   On-Demand Alexsandra Martinez & Lindsey Newsome Communications
30 Sep 2050 Navigating Energy Transition - Energy Industry Panel Discussion - Members in Transition   On-Demand Joyce (Rehm) Eisler - Moderator, Trey Shaffer - Moderator, Mitchell North, SPHR, Ganesh Thakur, Ph.D., NAE, NAI, Liz Dennett, PhD, John Moncrief, Maria Angela Capello, OSI (She/Her) Career Advancement Network
12 May 2090 ON DEMAND - HYBRID EVENT: Assessing the area of review – pressure elevation and plume stabilization   On-Demand Susan Hovorka Special Interest Group
22 Mar 2099 ON DEMAND: Optimize design and operations of your Green Hydrogen plants   On-Demand Vineet Lasrado, Yanling Wu, Bharat Naik Special Interest Group