April 8, 2021





This presentation starts with a summary of the last twenty years of motor development. It will highlight new technologies that have been introduced (power section design, evenwall motors, rubber compounds, etc.) and their effects on motor development, the effects of the industry economic roller coaster on motor development through the years, and the major technological challenges facing motor development today; in particular, weak CV joints and connections.

In addition, Michael will examine the unique format and structure of the directional drilling service industry, the service providers, the equipment suppliers, and the research and development side of the equation. There will be a discussion of the issues of getting new technologies tested and into the field and how few resources there are for testing and evaluation of new ideas. Finally, he will discuss where we are today, what needs to be done moving forward, and how we can help the drilling tool service industry.






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Featured Speakers

Speaker: Michael David, Consultant
Speaker Michael David, Consultant

Michael David has 40+ years of varied experience in the oil and gas service industry. He started as an assembler for Welex, in the late 70’s; then a field service specialist in south La. and the Gulf of Mexico.  
He moved to Houston in 1988 to finish his Mechanical Engineering …

Michael David has 40+ years of varied experience in the oil and gas service industry. He started as an assembler for Welex, in the late 70’s; then a field service specialist in south La. and the Gulf of Mexico.  

He moved to Houston in 1988 to finish his Mechanical Engineering degree while working for Sperry-Sun.  He then worked for Halliburton in the Drilling Tools group, becoming a lead bearing engineer.   He then worked for Baker-Hughes in their packer group.  He then worked at Tam International where he co-developed the FREECAP packer. 

He then moved to Norse Cutting and Abandonment as their senior engineer in the US.  When work slowed there, he went to work as the Engineering Manager for Strata Drilling Services (Allis-Chalmers).  Strata eventually merged with Archer and eventually shut down.  

He then worked for Aim/Contender in a new expansion venture by Aim until the downturn of 2015 hit and Contender cut its engineering department.  He returned to Halliburton in 2017as the first staff member of their new Houston Directional Drilling Tools group. He left Halliburton in late 2019.

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Barry Faulkner

Email: barryf1944@gmail.com 

Phone: (281) 627-8790

Date and Time

Thu, April 8, 2021

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central

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