April 4, 2030


Explore Navigating Planet Unemployed including using the Texas unemployment system, coping with job loss, acquiring job references, educating family/peer influences and protecting your mental health.  Get back to Earth by exploding several job-hunting myths including job boards, recruiters, interviews and salary guessing games.  The goal of the presentation is to be empowering, engaging, and humorous.

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Speaker: Carrie Balberg
Speaker Carrie Balberg

Carrie Balberg has experienced the full gamut of employment transition. Dissatisfied with pointless job searching advice from the Internet, Carrie speaks about her journey of unemployment, including education for peers, family members, and employers on a variety of stereotypes of this misunderstood demographic.


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Date and Time

Thu, April 4, 2030

10 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) US/Central


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