Nov. 17, 2004


Deepwater environments present a challenging combination of high pressures and low temperatures that require specific chemical solutions for completion fluids. Pressure-induced crystallization, hydrate control, fluid expansion and compression, thermal insulation, and fluid compatibility are some of the chemical considerations that must be resolved. Control line fluids, hydrate inhibitors, and other production chemicals used in deepwater also require special designs. High-strength tubulars made with corrosion-resistant alloys for deepwater applications demand special packer fluid compositions. Moreover, deepwater locations are typically far from shore, adding logistical and fluid handling complications. Only with substantial planning, appropriately engineered procedures, and custom fluid formulations can these challenges be overcome.

ChevronTexaco E&P Technology Co., in concert with M-I Swaco LLC, has developed a process and structured outline to help completion engineers systematically track the performance of fluids as they are used in the completion process. The successful application of these techniques in the Typhoon and Boris deepwater Gulf of Mexico projects will be discussed in this presentation.

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Wed, Nov. 17, 2004

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