Dec. 14, 2004


Part 1, Bob Sydansk: An introduction to, and an overview of, the widely applied and highly effective chromium(III)-carboxylate/acrylamide-polymer (CC/AP) gel water-shutoff and sealant technology will be presented – with the emphasis being on the application of this gel technology when using bags (alternatively buckets or pails) of a dry solid mixture of the gel’s chemical makeup constituents, where the solid mixture is ultimately added in the proportion of one bag or bucket per every barrel of the gel makeup water.  This “gel-in-a-bag” technology, when applied to appropriate problems requiring relatively small volumes of gel, is a cost effective and operationally attractive version of the state-of-the-art and the highly effective and successful oilfield CC/AP gel conformance-improvement, LCM, water-shutoff, gas-shutoff, and sealant technology – including the sealing of casing leaks.  The properties, technology, advantages, and performance of CC/AP gels will be reviewed, along with briefly reviewing a series of illustrative field applications and results.  

Part 2: Doc Stokley

 A.                 Understanding and addressing the potential sources

1.                  Shallow gas/water migration

2.                  Faults, Fracture swarms and other Loss Circulation zones

3.                  Water drive & Expanding gas cap

 B.                 Controlling water production after completion

1.                  Open Hole Completions

2.                  Cased Hole – without zone isolation initially

3.                  Cased Hole – with zone isolation initially


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Tue, Dec. 14, 2004

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