Dec. 7, 2019


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Join SPE Young Professionals for the annual Bicycle Build with CycleHouston.

Each year this organization partners with elementary schools to encourage students in kindergarten through third grade to improve reading skills, behavior and attendance.

Those students who commit to a special monitoring program and fulfill all necessary requirements are rewarded with a bike!

SPE Young Professionals will be assisting with assembling some of 150,000 bikes to be delivered to these students the week before Christmas.

There is a donation required of $50 USD per participant. This almost covers the cost of one bicycle. 

Please also register at the CYCLE Houston site here

  1. Fill out name, email, & phone number
  2. Under the #1 Select Saturday, Dec 7 9-12 AM
  3. Do not select anything under #2 (Unless you'd like to separate from the SPE Group)
  4. Under #3 select "No, I will not participate" (Unless you'd like to separate from the SPE Group)
  5. Select "No Extra Gear"
  6. Under Registrant option select Individual, and then type "1" in the box below. 
  7. Register and Pay

For questions or inquiries, please contact Matt,


To learn more about CycleHouston please visit




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For the day of the event:

Before you arrive:

  • Please bring your receipt.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing. Protective gloves are optional. 
  • Bring 13mm and 15mm wrenches, a Philips head screwdriver, a 5mm Allen wrench, and scissors to cut plastic strapping. 
  • Please do not bring power tools.

Where to go:

  • Navigate to NRG Center and enter via North Stadium Drive.
  • For free parking you will be directed to park in the Red Lot. If you enter from Kirby, you may be charged a parking fee.
  • Enter through Hall D at NRG Center, and you'll find us taking up Halls D and E.

When you get there:

  • Present your receipt to a representative.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver.
  • A short video will be shown. You may have seen it already, but this video covers safety and other procedures. (Plus, our lawyer insists!)
  • Before you begin, you will shadow someone through the bike-building process. (You'd be surprised at how many bikes our veteran volunteers have to fix!)
  • You will then be free to collect bikes to build one at a time. 
  • After building your bike, you will take it to the Quality Assurance team to be checked.
  • Once your bicycle is cleared, deliver it to the staging space, clean up any scraps, and then collect a new box and start the process over again!

What to eat:

  • Water and soda will be available.
  • You may pack a sandwich or small snack.
  • Please do not attempt to have food delivered. It will not be allowed in.

Extra info:

  • There must be at least one adult for every four volunteers under 18 years old.
  • Children are welcome to the event, but please keep in mind that we are acting as a factory, and there are many forklifts and people moving around.
  • Your little ones can help by holding tools, turning wrenches, pushing bikes, picking up trash in your area, etc. If they begin to get bored, please take a moment to step away and play at the side of the hall to keep them happy.


YP Community Outreach

Sally Ebrahimzadeh

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Date and Time

Sat, Dec. 7, 2019

9 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) US/Central

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NRG Center

1 Reliant Parkway
Houston, Texas 77054
United States of America

Parking: Enter via North Stadium. Attendant will direct you to park in the RED lot. Walk inside and a SPE-YP representative will be waiting at Hall D entrance. We will enter as a team.

More directions will be provided prior to the event.