Jan. 8, 2019


During this lunch-and-learn, we will focus on the mechanisms for technology watch in the Digital Transformation space. How do you inform and manage your innovation work using standards, membership in consortia and associations, incubation of startups, and more?


Claude Baudoin

Claude Baudoin is Owner and Principal at cébé IT & Knowledge Management, a boutique consulting company on enterprise architecture, business process modeling and analysis, and knowledge management. Prior to founding his company in 2009, he spent 26 years at Schlumberger as well as 6 years at National Semiconductor and 3 years at Sema Group (IT services). He is a member of the SPE-GCS DTSG Steering Committee and of the SPE Management & Information Advisory Committee.




Martin Ernst 

Martin Ernst has been Global IoT Technology Manager at Schlumberger for the past three years, out of 20 years with the company. He also worked for Ericsson, Data Respons, and Cap Gemini in Germany, Sweden and Norway. He is an experienced industrial manager with a track record in setting a vision and strategy for digital enablement, establishing reference architectures and roadmaps for the introduction of new technologies.

 “IoT is one component of digital transformation. Martin Ernst, Global IoT Technology Manager of Schlumberger, will give some insights on the elements in the IoT domain which facilitate the transformation, like the need for interoperability, security and connectivity. Martin also will point out the specific importance of Edge Computing in an Oil & Gas environment and how this feature can be utilized to drive improvements.”

Mark Carrier

Mark Carrier is Market Development Director at Real Time Innovations (RTI), and focuses on the Oil & Gas sector. RTI is a leader in communication architectures and protocols for the Industrial IoT. Prior to RTI, Mark held a variety of software and systems management positions at FMC, Tartan Labs, Texas Instruments, SimDesk, ION Geophysical, Voila IP Communications, CarrierLabs, NOV, and Houston Mechatronics.

“The challenge in O&G isn’t selecting which cloud platform to use, or which analytics package to exercise -- it is making sure the data being produced is actually creating value! Just persisting sensor data to an IIoT cloud platform does not create value for the data. Semantic interoperability is the key to providing value enabling full loop closure from OT assets to IT infrastructure. Instead of artificially bounding a solution to one of these technology domains, we must start talking about the processes these technologies support in the context of the data they communicate.”

David Lafferty

Dave Lafferty is President of Scientific Technical Services. His career started in software at Texas Instruments, Philips Coal, and ARCO Research. He was Director of Exploration Applications at ARCO Alaska, and Technology Advisor in the Office of the CTO at BP for almost ten years. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, in particular about the impact of the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0.




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Tue, Jan. 8, 2019

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