April 5, 2018


John Robinson has been active in seismic R&D for the past 14 years and is the inventor of RARE Technology (RARE). RARE is an exclusive, proprietary, state-of-the-art seismic processing algorithm. John holds 18 patents and patent applications in the United States and other countries for RARE Technology.


  • RARE’s software extracts weak signals from complex noisy seismic data.
  • RARE offers a novel method to extract S-wave information (SV-SV, SH-SH, P-SV and SV-P wavefields) from a Vertical Force Sources (VFS), traditionally considered to be a P-wave sources, from 2D (1C or 2C) seismic data or 3D multicomponent seismic data.
  • RARE enhances P-P wave data and provides vastly improved velocity volumes and reflection imaging.
  • R&D includes extraction of the SV-P wavefield from traditional/legacy P-wave datasets.

 John believed in his technology so much that he used it to successfully drill wells for his own O&G company, e-Wave Exploration, L.P.



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