Sept. 14, 2004


This date represents a change from the September 21 date that appears in the September issue of the SPE-GCS Newsletter.

Hydrates management is central to the development of flow assurance strategies that are designed to ensure uninterrupted production for the entire lifecycle of a project.  The development of novel hydrate management, mitigation and control technologies has been spurred by the continued push to achieve production from increasingly difficult and hostile environments such as the ultra-deepwater and arctic.  Emerging technologies such as subsea separation, inhibitors for high water-cut operations, fibre-optics and extended-reach coiled tubing for plug remediation will be key to meeting the unique hydrates challenges posed by emerging plays in frontier regions of the globe.  The experience in successfully producing deepwater fields for the past decade has led to a fundamental shift in mindset from one of hydrate prevention at all costs to one of judicious hydrate management based upon factors such as the rate of hydrate formation and the intrinsic plugging characteristics of crude oil.  The importance of integrating the hydrate management solutions into the overall flow assurance strategy at an early stage of a new project is critical for unlocking the full potential of a field development. 

This presentation will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of hydrate management techniques that have been developed and deployed to respond to the ever-increasing flow assurance challenges.  Specific examples will be given on the use of innovative technologies such as electrical heating; novel insulation and low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI’s) for managing hydrates.  Lessons learned in deploying these novel technologies will be discussed, as these will play a pivotal role in shaping the future design of hydrate management systems.  The presentation concludes with a perspective on shaping the oil field of the future with creative, economic and sustainable solutions for hydrate risk management, mitigation and control.

This date represents a change from the September 21 date that appears in the September issue of the SPE-GCS Newsletter.

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Tue, Sept. 14, 2004

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