Oct. 13, 2004


In the mid 1990’s a plant manager at the Dupont Beaumont Works charted a correlation between levels of safety performance and the progressive phases of safety culture.  This correlation has helped various organizations understand where they are in their current efforts and identify appropriate next steps to enable continuously improving performance.

This presentation will introduce the seven kinds of social and business DNA, as compiled by the Sapphire Leadership Group, and explore the positive and negative impacts these have on HSE performance.  For years we have used the safety phrase “use the right tool for the right job” referring primarily to hand tools.  The same phrase is appropriate when selecting people for specific jobs or positions. 

Example: You need someone that can come in and quickly see the big picture from A to Z, assemble the right resources around them, be extremely decisive, limit those operating with their own agendas and empower and loose those that have then true needs of the organization at heart.  You need someone whose social DNA has the principle of freedom.

Many companies have applied personality tests and some have even marked offices and hardhats with the individual’s profile.  Though similar in that understanding your social DNA helps you understand your personal behavior, I believe the process of identifying and understanding personal and business social DNA can and then applying it to accomplish your other work-processes, can have a profound impact on HSE performance.

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Wed, Oct. 13, 2004

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