Aug. 8 - Aug. 10, 2004


SPE and the Association of Heads of U.S. Petroleum Engineering Schools host this colloquium to provide opportunities for industry, government, and academic representatives to work together to build a stronger educational experience for petroleum engineers.


  • Develop a better joint understanding of the industry’s training needs and how academia, in partnership with industry, the service sector, and government, can help fill those needs.
  • Assess the technical and personal qualifications required of graduate engineers to meet the industry’s needs and how academia can prepare students to meet those qualifications.
  • Discuss the evolving roles of academia, industry, the service sector, government, and SPE in education.
  • Develop a proactive course of action to implement the findings and recommendations of the colloquium.
  • Strengthen industry/education/government partnerships to develop the people and technology the industry will need in the 21st

Who Should Attend

All those concerned with developing petroleum engineers who are equipped to tackle the challenges facing the energy industry today and tomorrow will be interested in attending and contributing to the outcome of the Colloquium. The Planning Committee seeks equal representation from industry and educational institutions. Organizations are encouraged to send individuals with a range of industry and educational experience who will bring their perspectives and ideas on petroleum engineering education and lifelong learning to the discussion and to the plan for moving forward.


Preliminary Technical Agenda

Sunday 8 August
Industry and Academia

Kickoff luncheon

Afternoon Session 1 --- From Engineering Graduate to Emerging Leader

  • Objective: To examine today’s viewpoints and expectations of engineering employers, graduates and academics.


Evening Session 2 --- Innovations in Engineering Education

  • Objective: To share innovative educational methods and procedures in petroleum engineering education from both the industrial and academic arenas.

Monday 9 August
Industry and Academia

Morning Session 3 --- The Growth of the Engineering Graduate

  • Objective: To examine various methods to foster the acquisition of engineering knowledge throughout a career.


Afternoon Session 4 --- The Future of Petroleum Engineering Education and Professional Growth

  • Objective: To listen to and discuss issues that may promote or hinder future petroleum engineering education both in industry and academia.

Conclusion of Colloquium for Industry

Tuesday 10 August

Session 5 --- The Future of Petroleum Engineering Departments

  • Objective: To assess the previous two days and determine potential opportunities and problems for the petroleum engineering academic community.

Featured Speakers



SPE International

Date and Time

Sun, Aug. 8


Tue, Aug. 10, 2004

8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central

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