June 10, 2004


"The Future of Energy: Why Entering the Energy Business is a Great Career" - Presented by Matthew Simmons

Energy executives and technicians are a graying breed. The average age of SPE worldwide membership is 49 years. Five years ago, it was 44 years.

In 1968, a world famous movie, The Graduate, had a classic scene where the recent graduate was told "Plastics! That is the place to work."

 Had the movie been filmed in 2004, and the speaker properly briefed, he would have said, "Energy! Now THAT is the place to work!"

Plan to attend an inspirational evening where we will celebrate the multi-faceted achievements of several generations of superstars in the energy industry:  The audience will include:

  • SPE Scholarship winners, who are high school seniors who will be engineering majors, and their parents;
  • SPE Scholarship renewals, who are petroleum engineering majors who are current college students, and their parents;
  • SPE Emerging Leader Program members, who are SPE members with less than 10 years industry experience.  The ELP was designed to identify and develop future leaders for SPE, to recognize and affirm the leadership potential of young members and to strengthen SPE through ELP initiatives;
  • SPE Legion of Honor members, who have 50 years of SPE membership;
  • SPE Auxiliary members, which is the SPE spouses’ organization;
  • Various winners of SPE section awards  who will be recognized for volunteerism; and
    SPE members and their spouses.
No-shows will be billed!

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Melissa Schultea

Date and Time

Thu, June 10, 2004

6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central

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