May 11, 2004




A discussion of a case histories for multiple zone gravel packed and frac packed wells can demonstrate the potential of a one-trip, multi-zone gravel pack/frac pack system.   Objectives of the system include improvement of economic margins by maximizing efficiency, reducing fluid losses and reducing rig time for completion operations. The paper describes the operational and reservoir parameters that led to successful application of this technique on several wells in areas in China, Italy, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico.  The System is designed to allow gravel packing or frac packing of multiple productive intervals in a single trip into the wellbore. The system provides positive zonal isolation so that only the interval being treated is exposed to treatment fluids and pressure. The system also incorporates a fluid loss control device, which is closed as the service tools are pulled out of the well to protect the formation from fluid loss.  Examining the applications illustrates the evolution of the system to address variations in well parameters and updates in treatment techniques.  Also examined are the potential applications for the system from completing multiple stacked zones to separating long intervals into multiple sections in order to effectively frac pack the entire interval.  Significant time savings in excess of 50 percent has been captured with the operation of the system.

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Mahadev Ammachathram

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Tue, May 11, 2004

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