May 20, 2015


When re-pressurizing a producer well by directly pumping into the wellbore or by indirectly fracturing into it, one will preferentially provoke shear slips in the depleted section.  These events can be detected by microseismic monitoring methods and collected into a 3D description of the depleted volume.  We describe the concept of Microseismic Depletion Delineation, MDD, and explore some case studies of its implementation in the field.  We will see how important MDD is as a constraint because it shows the effective fracture dimensions and therefore eliminates the basic uncertainty between matrix perm and fracture length encountered when performing reservoir simulation.  The critical value of making the MDD measurement is seen in the following three outputs:

  • Knowing the footprint of the drainage pattern helps with judging drainage efficiency and well spacing. 
  • Knowing the formations contacted provides important information about reserves and STOOIP. 
  • And using magnitudes to develop an understanding of the degree of depletion, gives important feedback about fracture design.

Examples of how this data might be used to provide better horizontal well completions and field development strategies will be discussed.

Featured Speakers

Speaker Ted Dohmen

Ted Dohmen is involved in researching geophysical technology for application to Hess Corporation assets.  He is a member of the Unconventional Technology group at Hess where he has worked for three years.  A 32-year retiree from ConocoPhillips, Ted holds a Master’s of Science degree in Geophysics from Stanford University.


Jonathan Godwin

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Wed, May 20, 2015

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