May 21, 2014


We are trying something different at this Digital Energy Luncheon and for it to be successful, we need your help, your experience and your candid opinion ... we are having an open discussion on (1) what you think the future of digital energy looks like and (2) what would make the 2015 Digital Energy Conference most meaningful for you.

How will this work?   We will start the discussion based on comments / feedback from the recent 2014 Intelligent Energy Conference.  And then, we will open the floor to discuss each point.  Please see the ground rules at the end of this note.

Why is this important?  All too often it is after a presentation in the hallway or parking lot that the really difficult issues and what people really think get surfaced.  What we want to accomplish with this session is to surface these issues in a facilitated discussion.

Why is this important?  We also have an opportunity to help influence the upcoming 2015 Digital Energy Conference in order to make it most meaningful to you.  The Program Chair and Co-Chair will both be in attendance as well as members of the Executive Committee.  The 2015 program is being developed so this is a great opportunity to get your thoughts.

Ground Rules:

  1. Be respectful
  2. You can disagree without being disagreeable 
  3. No names / Company affiliation 
  4. Don’t interrupt ... let others have their say
  5. The Facilitator can / will shut down conversations to move things along
  6. Let’s try to have fun while we are doing this

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Open facilitated discussion -- it is our opportunity to discuss and share with our peers where we think the digital energy technology and work processes will be in the future.  It is also our opportunity to discuss current short comings and hype.  


Rick Morneau


Telephone: 281-315-9395

Date and Time

Wed, May 21, 2014

11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
(GMT-0600) America/Denver

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Norris Conference Center – Westchase

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