April 17, 2014


The SPE Faculty Innovative Teaching Award recognizes Petroleum Engineering Faculty who have demonstrated innovative teaching techniques. This award not only recognizes excellence, but encourages and equips others in academia to use similar techniques.

This webinar will feature best practices from the three 2013 SPE Faculty Innovative Teaching Award recipients: David DiCarlo, Shenglai Yang and Phaneendra Babu Kondapi.

Dr. David DiCarlo received this award for his creative methods in relating fundamental, abstract concepts to the petroleum industry; for his traditional methods tuned to the modern student; and for his dedication to preparing students to effectively present their research in SPE paper contests and technical meetings.

In discussing "Teaching - the Little Things," DiCarlo says, "One of the keys to being an effective petroleum engineer is to have a strong understanding of abstract concepts that underlie our understanding of the physical world. This is a goal of many college level classes, but unfortunately, these concepts are often presented in a dry manner that makes them difficult to grasp. I will discuss different teaching methods I use to bring these concepts to life, primarily by relating the concepts to everyday experience."

Dr. Shenglai Yang was awarded this prize for his passion and excellence in petroleum engineering education, specifically in creating a team-teaching approach in petrophysics that has won local and national awards and has impacted more than 5,000 students; and for promoting the use and comprehension of the English language in classrooms and through the publication of English-based textbooks. Yang will discuss “Special Core Analysis and Oil Recovery.”
Dr. Phaneendra Babu Kondapi has been awarded this honor for his three step process to student success in creating a new teaching method “Reverse Circular Teaching” with theory coming after the problem statement makes students to understand what practical, real-world problems they are trying to solve.

In this presentation, "Innovative Teaching Methods in Engineering Education for Student Success," Dr. Konapi will talk about his new teaching method "Reverse Circular Teaching" and how it enhances student learning and increases student motivation. He will focus on his industry-ready teaching concept based on a 3-step process to student success and also explain how this new teaching method motivates students to acquire the concepts and solution strategies necessary to figure out an industry problem so that they can relate the basic theory back to the problem in a class room setting. He concludes the presentation with outcomes of this RCT method and recommendations for the benefit of future students.

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