Nov. 13, 2013


The Agitator™ System - Proven Friction Reduction, Improve

Speaker: Timmy Burnett - Product Specialist the Agitator System, NOV 


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Timmy Burnett began his oilfield career in 1993 with Dailey Oil Tools.  He has held various positions of increasing responsibility in sales, service, and product specialist roles, concentrating on the use of down hole tools to reduce down hole friction and mitigate vibrations.  In 2004, he joined NOV through the acquisition of Grant Prideco and Andergauge.  At Andergauge, he was involved in the implementation of the Agitator tool into the US horizontal and coil tubing markets starting in 2007.  He has authored several SPE papers regarding the use of friction reduction tools and vibration mitigation tools.  Timm has a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.  


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The Agitator™ System is known as an essential drilling tool which breaks static friction to improve drilling conditions in wells where friction is an issue.  The Agitator™ System can be used in a diverse range of applications including fishing in both the drilling and work-over phases of a wells life cycle.  To date, the Agitator™ System has aided in the recovery of a completion ESP, RSS tools, sliding sleeves, perforating guns and MWD tools containing radioactive sources.  These activities have saved clients drilling, production time and in some cases assisting in recovering a producing well which may otherwise have had to be re-drilled.  A key part of the system is the ability to create an axially vibration which can be transferred into the fish and create a harmonic state within the fish.  By exciting drill string resonances of the fish during the axial excitation process, it is possible for the tubular retrieval fish to behave as a dynamic vibration absorber - a characteristic of which is to increase its response amplitude. This will effectively enhance the fluidizing process where media is holding the fish; and will also enhance the transition from static to dynamic friction. By producing a harmonic state within the fish the ability of the standard fishing operations which includes jarring and over pull are improved.   Agitators™ range in size from 2 ⅛” to 9 ⅝”*, servicing coiled tubing and conventional rigs.



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