Sept. 9, 2004


Deepwater LNG Port to Debut in the Gulf of Mexico

A new deepwater terminal under construction in the Gulf of Mexico will use a novel offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification system to deliver gas to U.S. markets efficiently and economically. This port, 116 miles off the coast of Louisiana on Block 603 of the West Cameron South Addition area, will be the first offshore LNG regasification terminal in the world and is expected to become operational in January 2005. The terminal will be able to deliver baseload gas volumes of 500 MMcf/d or more.

The vessels will pick up LNG supplies from overseas liquefaction terminals, convert the LNG back into gas, and then use the buoy and mooring system to move the natural gas into offshore pipelines--without docking on U.S. shores. Because this system uses highly mobile LNG vessels, it can be easily deployed virtually anywhere worldwide to meet incremental demand for natural gas.

The terminal is based on Energy Bridge technology, which uses a standard LNG shipping vessel modified to convert liquefied gas into vapor on board the ship. The vessel is connected to the terminal via proven buoy technology used in the harsh North Sea environment for the past decade. The gas flows through the lines connected to the ship and linked to an existing networked of underwater, high-pressure offshore natural gas pipelines.


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