Nov. 18, 2003



A new External Casing Perforating Technique (ECPT) has been utilized in the Wilshire Devonian Field in West Texas. By applying this new technology, we have been able to improve well performance, worker’s safety, environmental quality and time to first sales while holding costs flat.


With the (ECPT) system, perforating guns with isolation flappers and a hydraulic control line are attached to the outside of the casing, placed on depth and cemented in place. The completion tubing is run and guns are then individually fired and zones isolated with flapper valves in one step, by applying pressure on the hydraulic control line at the surface.  This system allows for more effective stimulation of individual zones, for better fracture coverage and adds immediate flow-back capability. We have treated up to seven zones down the annulus in 14 hours and can flow the wells back immediately after fracturing.  Eliminating post-rig completion work has offset the slight incremental cost.  Production rates are improved and value is added safely, while reducing impacts on our environment.


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