Sept. 16, 2003


Mr. Michael Smith will present a general overview of horizontal activity in the Permian Basin. He will discuss who is the most active, where the horizontal activity has occurred and what horizons have been most targeted. His discussion will take public data from the Permian Basin and slice it in several different ways. His work is a mandatory study in a mature basin like the Permian, as we are always interested in innovative ways to unlock lower quality reservoirs that have historically proven to be marginal or uneconomic. Mr. John Ely will discuss the stimulation of high angle laterals and horizontal wellbores. Over the last 15+ years there has been a great deal of stimulation attempts in high angle laterals and horizontal well bores with both proppant and acid. These stimulation attempts have been made in both cemented and un-cemented casing. We will review the types of stimulation and their varying degrees of success in various lithologies and conditions. One of the major issues covered in understanding highly deviated and horizontal well bore stimulation is to understand the surface area phenomena involved and the absolute necessity of control of where fluid is going. The same importance is necessitated whether it is acid dissolution or initiation of propped hydraulic fractures. There will be a rundown of successful areas and areas of non publicized failures.

PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER 11:00 A.M START TIME.  We are starting earlier because we have two speakers.  The start time in the September SPE-GCS newsletter was a misprint.

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Tue, Sept. 16, 2003

11 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
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