April 8, 2010


Africa is facing many challenges in its social and economic development.  Companies in all industries are increasingly evaluated in terms of how they contribute to this development. The concept of corporate governance has evolved beyond a company’s responsibilities to its shareholders to include its responsibilities to a broader range of stakeholders.  Issues of corporate governance and responsibility are of growing importance to oil companies operating in Africa. Government expectations of the industry’s contribution to domestic economic development are expanding.  Stakeholders are holding the industry to increasing standards of social responsibility.


These issues are exemplified in Angola, where the government asked ChevronTexaco, as the country’s largest investor, to contribute to the reconstruction of the country after 27 years of civil war.  The company recognized the importance of taking an active role in assisting Angola in such a critical juncture in the country’s history.  So in 2002, ChevronTexaco formed its Angola Partnership Initiative (AIP) to work with international donors and non-government organizations to facilitate reconstruction and development throughout Angola.  This initiative heralded a shift in the company’s thinking about where and how it could contribute to the social and economic development of a country beyond its immediate area of operations. 


The Angola Partnership Initiative (AIP) helped ChevronTexaco to broaden its understanding of what it can achieve as an agent of positive social and economic change.  The company has now linked this initiative with its existing programs to assist local communities and promote local content in its supply chain management.  This maximizes the synergies between the efforts of the company and its partners and provides an overall framework in which it can plan, implement and report on its efforts to demonstrate corporate governance and responsibility in Angola.  The resulting framework offers important lessons for review and discussion within the industry.


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MANAGER for POLICY, GOVERNMENT, & PUBLIC AFFAIRS CHEVRON Upstream Oil & Gas     Fernando Paiva started his professional career as a legal advisor with the Secretary of State of Cooperation of Angola in 1986, advising the Technical Unit of Cooperation with the European Economic Community (EEC), in Luanda Angola. …

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Fernando Paiva started his professional career as a legal advisor with the Secretary of State of Cooperation of Angola in 1986, advising the Technical Unit of Cooperation with the European Economic Community (EEC), in Luanda Angola.


In 1987, Fernando was a Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Finance in Luanda, Angola advising matters related to finance and tax legal issues. He was the Legal advisor for the Angola membership to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) most known as the World Bank, and its affiliates the International Development Agency (IDA), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Multilateral Investment Guaranty Agency (MIGA).


In 1991 Fernando was the Director of the Legal Department of the Minister of Finance.

In January 1995 Fernando joined Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, Ltd (Cabgoc) a wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron.  From April 1996 Fernando was Director of the Department of Income and other Taxes of Cabgoc responsible for all taxes paid to the Angolan Government. From 1992 to 1999 Fernando was a lecturer of Public Finance in the Faculty of Law of Agostinho Neto University in Luanda, Angola.


From 1993 to 1995 Fernando served as President of the Statutory Board of the Commerce and Industry Bank (Banco de Comercio e Industria, BCI) in Luanda, Angola.

In August 1999 Fernando was transferred to San Ramon, California in an International Development Assignment, working in the Tax, Finance, Negotiations and Legal and the Policy, Government and Public Affairs Departments of Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc.


In the beginning of 2002 Fernando was transferred back to Angola where he became the General Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs, responsible for the Corporate Responsibility program of Cabgoc. From 2003 he participated and in 2004 was responsible for the Angola Partnership Initiative (API) a 50 million US dollars Public Private Partnership between Chevron and a number of public institutions {the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), IFC and the Discovery Channel} in a number of projects aimed to help the reconstruction of Angola with special focus in agriculture, capacity building, small business enterprises and microfinance. API was instrumental in the establishment of the first microcredit Bank of Angola (Novobanco).


In 2007 Fernando was transferred to Houston Texas as the Manager for Policy, Government, and Public Affairs responsible for communications and social impact assessments of Major Capital Projects of Chevron Upstream Oil and Gas.


Fernando a native of Luanda, Angola, received his Bachelor Degree in 1985 in Economic Law from the Faculty of Law of the Classical University of Lisbon, Portugal, and in 1992 one LLM in International Business Law from Queen Mary and Westfield College, in London, England.  Fernando Paiva is a member of the Angolan Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados de Angola), and a member of the International Bar Association.

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