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  • the collective knowledge and experience of more than 60,000 upstream petroleum professionals around the globe.
  • "intelligent" online searches through more than 37,000 technical papers, journal articles, and thousands of other E&P resources that will help you do your job and advance your career.
  • conferences, forums, Applied Technology Workshops, and a host of other face-to-face opportunities that will keep you in touch with the prestigeous, dynamic community of petroleum professionals worldwide.
  • and many other benefits.

SPE's history is dotted with the names of industry pioneers who sought the help of colleagues, like you, to solve the complexities of delivering the oil and gas that powers the world economy. Most of the pioneers of the petroleum industry have been SPE members, and have shared their successes and failures, all in the name of the art and science of petroleum engineering. SPE papers figure prominently in the literature that forms today's understanding of drilling, production, and reservoir science. Today's new technologies are explored at SPE meetings almost from conception through field deployment, with the guidance and feedback of SPE members. And tomorrow's technologies will emerge from discussion of the challenges that engineers face today.

Engineers are the core of SPE, but not all SPE members are engineers. Solving our industry's challenges is a multidisciplinary effort. SPE is a place for today's industry professionals, regardless of their undergraduate course of study, to bring their collective expertise to bear on developing solutions. Facilities, environmental, and safety issues are all part of the ability to expand the supply of oil and gas, and the valued experience of these professionals is also available to you through SPE.

The brightest minds of the E&P industry are part of SPE. Join this diverse and thriving community and be a part of our industry's future.


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