• North Shore High School - 1993
  • University of Oklahoma, BS in Petroleum Engineering
  • University of Houston - Clear Lake, MBA

My favorite college memories were the friendships that I formed in my study groups.  It was fun to work together with someone else who was headed in the same direction. I worked as a Petroleum Engineer for 17 years with BP.  I worked overseas, deep water and onshore.  In July 2015, I left BP to start my own real estate business. My SPE scholarship made it possible for me to attend OU.  I did not have the funds to attend on my own.  The SPE scholarship also opened my awareness to Petroleum Engineering as a career.  This awareness lead to my first internship after my Freshman year, which furthered my desire to work in the industry.  My advice to current students is to find an opportunity to work in the industry as a student.  This real-world experience will show you if the industry is for you.  It can also motivate you in your studies.