Career Transition Primer

Having talked up the non-traditional job search methods, there is still a need for the more traditional sources of job leads. Experts say to spend only 10-15% of your time using traditional methods, however. The Houston Chronicle is an excellent source of timely information, including those precious personnel want ads. Other journals can provide sources of business information, technical information, and job want ads. These include The Houston Business Journal, the Oil & Gas Journal, Petroleum Engineer International, and World Oil. Obviously, a complete list of sources of information to help the out of work petroleum engineer can not be listed here. You are bound to find other newspapers and magazines useful in your job search (The Wall Street Journal is a good example). The key is that you must investigate the wealth of publications available at the library to determine which ones satisfy your particular needs. Case in point: An engineer looking to penetrate the environmental business may be particularly interested in the Texas & Southwest Environmental News as well as the national Engineering News Record.

Job databases are another source of traditional job leads. Some of the job hotline numbers discussed below are actually job database systems. There are several database systems available through the SPE national office ((800) 456-6863) for a fee. Other professional societies have them also and may limit access to members only. Frequently, universities have such databases or job banks available for alumni. This information is usually publicized through the alumni organizations. Don't overlook the biggest database in Texas - it's at your nearest Texas Employment Commission office.