Enhance the core competencies of Projects, Facilities, and Construction professionals through the transfer of knowledge at forums and workshops. Attract new members, promote the membership and involvement of upstream Facilities and Construction engineering/technical professionals within SPE. Maintain industry awareness of facility and construction related issues by hosting topical monthly meetings. Support the educational initiatives of SPE through the funding of scholarships, mentoring of engineering students and young professionals, and providing public speakers.

Oil and Gas Facilities Magazine - In-depth articles cover topics relevant to SPE’s Projects, Facilities, and Construction (PFC) discipline, such as facilities design, processing systems, flow assurance, and subsea systems. Columns deliver insights into market trends, water treating processes, and human factors affecting performance and safety, and report highlights from PFC workshops and study groups. Each issue also includes peer-reviewed technical papers.


Position Name Phone Email
Chair Chris Shaw 281.544.6796
Vice Chair James Deaver 281.556.4991
Treasurer Kevin Raatz 281.249.3652
Vice Treasurer Deo Mahase 713.543.3432
Secretary Mark Faucher 713.212.9067
Program Coordinator Sean Liburd 713.412.4310
Website/Webinar Bryan Marlborough 985.232.0318
Program Vice Coordinator VidyaSagar Asalapuram 281.904.0338
Membership Lisa Jenson 281.366.8848
Membership Brad Nelson 713.447.2222
Membership Bill J Hlavaty 832.753.3312
Membership Tom Vogt 281.529.6543
Membership Raja Chakraborty 832.630.4051
Membership Mike Berman 713.381.4504
Past Chair Bob Chin 281.544.8748
Past Chair William Kinney 713.248.7322
Board Liaison Ernie Prochaska
Membership Chris Wolf 281.647.8349
Membership Gary LeMaire 281-925-2258
Membership Martin Flores 281.664.7731
Membership Francis Adewole 281-753-1662
Membership Bob Norlund 713.892-0181


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