The SPE-GCS Petro-Tech Study Group provides a venue for Petroleum Technologists to exchange knowledge and experience, gain education in new technology and applications, and facilitate development of professional relationships within the oil and gas industry. Petro-Tech SG attendees are not always Engineers, we are technologists in the industry ranging from drilling, completions, regulatory, engineering, reserves, GIS, land, IT, and all those in between not mentioned. Our focus and goal within our positions is to support and work with Engineers and other professionals to build and maintain foundations from which they work.

We are currently in the process of reviewing and revising our monthly meeting structure, including dates and locations. Due to the economic downturn and revisions to SPE, change is necessary.


If you would like to volunteer on the study group committee, please contact the chair at your earliest convenience.


Historically to be a member of the Petro-Tech SG, one did not have to be a member of SPE; however SPE rule and process changes about 2015, now make it difficult for non-members to participate and keep this SG running.


Position Name Phone
Chair Cheryl Collarini 713.929.1633
Vice Chair Jessica Morgan
Treasurer Vanessa Mills 713.431.1133
Vice Treasurer Cynthia Lillie 713.431.1757
Secretary Open Position
Arrangements Open Position
Program Coordinator Lilly Lee 713.341.4609
Membership Vanessa Mills 832-251-0553
Publicity Vanessa Mills 832-251-0553
Website/Webinar Jessica Morgan 713.929.1633
Registration Claudia Fitzgerald
Past Chair Marci Nickerson 713.446.3400
Board Liaison Torrance Haggerty 281-714-5472